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Here's a silly little list by XXL. I agree with the list for the most part...just maybe not the order.

Once you click on this link below, you can access the whole list when you click "Next"...


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Jackie all the way! I was in love with Tyra Banks when I was a child and I always wanted her to end up with Will. Shame it never happened.
Plus, I don't think Janet Hubert deserves to be in this list to be honest :lol:

No one does but you gotta be polite yo


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Janet may be bitter and have some issues, but I'm not feeling the hate for her. She's educated, crazy talented, and versatile. Those are attractive qualities to me. We are just so aware of her issues with FP that it's hard to see her in that light. Plus they ranked her with these younger women.

If I did my own list, it would be something likeTyra or Tatyana at the top, followed closely by Vanessa, Karyn, Naya, Nia, Tisha, Stacy, Naomi, and Janet.

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