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It's coming in April. I've known about this for awhile, but didn't want to post about it until there were more details. Well, details aren't emerging yet, so I decided to share it anyway.

On April 14th, a new JJ+FP compilation is coming. For those of you who aren't familiar with Playlist, they basically put together greatest hits and "best of" compilations, often using the term "the hits and fan favorites." They are often priced very reasonably and can be found in FYE, Best Buy, and Walmart. They vary when it comes to how interesting they are. They used to only be sold in cardboard cases, but in recent years they've moved on to traditional plastic CD cases and include proper inserts that include pictures, write-ups, and credits. Sometimes the pictures are kind of rare.

The music is what it's mostly about. Some of the trackinglistings like the Destiny's Child one is nothing but the hits. It's nice to have them compiled together, but it's a little useless since they already have a greatest hits album, plus most of their albums are easy to find and priced well. Then you have albums like they've done for R. Kelly, Common Sense, and the Fugees, which contain rare b-sides and remixes...some never before released on CD.

I guess we have to wait to see the artwork and the tracklisting, but hopefully they'll be quite a few surprises on it. It'll be nice buying a new JJ+FP album and seeing one on the shelves.

Here's it's listing on Amazon...


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Honestly, there's no need for this unless it really is all about the music and has some gems on it.

We've had the Greatest Hits, Before the Willenium, Platinum & Gold Collection and the Very Best of JJ+FP. It's overdone at this point. At least the Very Best of JJ+FP was all remastered tracks. I'm really not expecting much from this next release.

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As long time fans, it's not too likely we'll see pictures we haven't seen before, but it'll likely have an insert with additional photos in it.

I'm not sure if this is correct, as I found it on Oldies.com, where it says the album was released in January (which it wasn't).  Based on the title, it sounds like they are referring to the previous greatest hits compilation.

"All the charting singles, The Very Best of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince contains just about everything that any disc jockey played by the duo, including lighthearted smart-ass favorites like "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" and "Parents Just Don't Understand," silly topical fluff like "A Nightmare on My Street" and "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson," surprisingly durable minor hits like "Brand New Funk" and "The Things U Do," and even Jazzy Jeff's nimble instrumental flipping of tracks by Bob James, the Mizell Brothers, and Marvin Gaye ("A Touch of Jazz"). One significant track that doesn't appear is "You Saw My Blinker," a rare example of cranky bitterness from the otherwise wisecracking, punchline-delivering Fresh Prince."

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Edit: Failed to provide my personal comment on the list - "zzz".


  1. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
  2. A Touch of Jazz
  3. Parents Just Don't Understand
  4. A Nightmare On My Street
  5. Brand New Funk (Live at Nassau Coliseum)
  6. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
  7. The Groove (Jazzy's Groove)
  8. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  9. Summertime
  10. Ring My Bell (Mr. Lee's Radio Mix)
  11. The Things That U Do (Hula Radio Remix)
  12. Boom! Shake the Room
  13. I'm Looking for the One (To Be with Me)
  14. Lovely Daze (T.L.A.C Remix)
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If that's it, I'm not surprised, but let's acknowledge that is this the first time EVER that the Live At Nassau Coliseum is being released on CD.  Previously it was only every available on the vinyl single, coupled with "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" (1988 Remix).  Plus, the TLAC Remix of "Lovely Daze was only available on non-US CD singles.  With the buzz of FP recording new music, it's good that this is coming out and will be in places like Walmart.

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Yes AJ, the Brand New Funk Live version on CD is something that jumped out to me. That's a nice little surprise. Honestly though, I just think the whole project is sort of cheap. While it's great to have new remastered stuff, it's sort of pointless given all of the other compilations. The artwork alone just turns me off. It just seems like there wasn't any effort put into this. 

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yeah maybe if there's an itunes version there'll be more sales 'cause CDs are just about extinct now

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It's small, but there is a market for people who buy CD's.  As a collector, I have conversations on this topic from time to time, and I'm actually surprised how many people I know who still by CD's. CD's still offer the best sound quality.

The Playlist series always has album covers like this.  Look up any number albums and you'll see that it's their trademark.

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