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Here is my personal collection of non-album trax.

The Megadope Mix (1987) 9:56
DJ Jazzy Jeff Master Mix (1987) 13:04
New Kids On The Block (1987/1988) 3:22
I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else's Bed)
(Fresh Prince wit Billy Ocean & Mimi (1989) 4:43
Family Christmas (1989) 3:27
When The Radio Is On (The Single) (1989) 3:50
(Fresh Prince w/ Paul Shaffer + Various Artists)
Soul Talk (DJ Jazzy Jeff + One Voice) (1989)
Deep Deep Trouble
(DJ Jazzy Jeff & Bart Simpson) (1990) 4:28
Yo! Home To Bel-Air: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
(Theme Song 1990 Greatest Hits) 2:56
Voices That Care (Fresh Prince, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant,
Luther Vandross, Pointer Sisters, Little Richard, Celine
Dion, Michael Bolton, Warrant, Nelson, Randy Travis,
Peter Cetera, Brenda Russell, Garth Brooks, Kathy Mattea,
Mark Knophler, Kanny G, & Warren Wiebe) (1991) 4:56
Higher Baby (1992) 3:25
Where’s The Party (DJ Jazzy Jeff + 2 Too Many)
(Jazzy’s Smut Mix) (1992) 6:20
The Mighty Quinn (DJ Jazzy Jeff + Mighty Quinn) (1992) 4:29
I Want It All (DJ Jazzy Jeff + Mighty Quinn) (1992) 4:09
She’s Got It Going On (DJ Jazzy Jeff + Mighty Quinn) (1992) 4:01
Dance or Die (1993) 4:17
Veronica’s Rinkeldekinkel Boom! Shake The Room
Freestyle/Interview (1993) 3:22
From Da South (1993) 3:56
Get Hyped (1993) 4:38
Lovely Daze (1993?…Greatest Hits) 4:23
Don’t Fight The Feeling (1993?…Japan Greatest Hits) 3:52
Badd Boyz of The Industry
(DJ Jazzy Jeff + B.B.O.T.I.) (1993) 3:46
Nasty (DJ Jazzy Jeff + B.B.O.T.I.) (1993) 4:41
Da Choice Is Yours (DJ Jazzy Jeff + B.B.O.T.I.) (1993) 3:52
Check It (Jazzy Jeff’s West Philly Mix)
(DJ Jazzy Jeff + Dana Barros) (1993) 4:17
Dedicated (Jazzy Jeff Mix) 4:11
(DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Chaos, & Funkdoobiest) (1995)
Mega Mix (Edit) (1998…Greatest Hits) 3:42
I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
(DJ Jazzy Jeff produces Kenny Lattimore) (1998)
Well Done (DJ Jazzy Jeff produces Kenny Lattimore)
Goodtimes (DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ivan Barias & Chic)
(A Touch of Jazz Mix) (1998) 5:18
Just To Keep Her Satisfied (DJ Jazzy Jeff produces/mixes
Kenny Lattimore) (1999) 4:16
Holla Back (Will Smith) (2000) 4:19
I Don’t Know (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Slum Village)
(2000) 2:24
Exclusively (DJ Jazzy Jeff produces Jill Scott)
(2000) 2:05
Slowly Surely (DJ Jazzy Jeff on bass for Jill Scott)
(2000) 4:35
Try (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Jill Scott) (2000) 4:02
Cobbs Creek (DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pos + Trugoy (De La Soul),
and King Britt (2001/1998) 4:39
DJ Jazzy Jeff “Live At The Cargo: November 12, 2001” (2001)
Soon (A Touch of Jazz Mix) (DJ Jazzy Jeff + Jazzanova)
Cornerstone Mixtape (No. 40–Jun 02) (DJ Jazzy Jeff) (2002)
Nothin’ On My Mind (Will Smith + Tra-Knox) (2002)
Hey Sexy Lady (Remix) (Will Smith, Shaggy, + Sean Paul)
Tear S**t Up (DJ Jazzy Jeff + Biz Markie) (2003)

DJ Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince – Remixes

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Radio Version 5:12
Def Mix 5:02
1988 Single Version 4:39
Shorter Single Edit (1988) 3:58
Laidley & Oakenfold Mix
Instrumental 5:12
Def Beat 3:00
1988 Instrumental Version 4:39

A Touch of Jazz
Extended Re-Touch
Collapsed In The Street Mix
Collapsed In The Street Edit

The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
Instrumental Version 5:25

Rock The House
Original Version

Don’t Even Try It
Original Version

Brand New Funk
Extended Remix 4:48
Single Edit 4:03
Live At Nassau Coliseum 4:36
Instrumental 4:16

Parents Just Don't Understand
Single Edit 5:12
Extended Mix 5:35
Danny D Mix 6:00
Instrumental 5:35
Single Remix (Danny D) 2:59 (CD)

Nightmare On My Street
Single Edit 4:53
Extended Version 6:08
Instrumental 6:08

I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
Radio Mix (Video Version) 4:56
Extended Remix 7:09
Instrumental (Cassette & Vinyl) 4:56

The Groove (Jazzy's Groove)
Radio Version w/ Grover Washington Jr. 4:30
Extended Version w/ Grover Washington Jr. 5:28
Grover's Groove with Rap
w/ Grover Washington Jr. 6:10
Grover's Groove (Radio Version)
w/ Grover Washington Jr. 4:00
Grover's Groove without Rap
w/ Grover Washington Jr. 5:33

Jeff Waz On The Beat Box (Vinyl)
Extended Remix 5:10
Instrumental 5:39

Yo! Home To Bel-Air
7” Remix 3:28
Extended Version 5:18
Summertime Mix 5:25

Single Edit/7" Mix 3:58
D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Mix 4:35 / 5:38
Extended Club Mix 5:39
Extended Bass Mix 5:43
Street Reclub Mix 5:35
"Summertime '98"
(SoulPower Remix…Greatest Hits) 4:50
“Summertime ‘98” SoulPower Extended Mix) 5:10
"Summertime '98 SoulPower Radio Mix) 4:12
"Summertime '98"
(SoulPower Hip Hop Mix) 4:40
Hybrid Mix (1999) 6:38
Instrumental 4:29
D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Instrumental 5:49
"Summertime '98"
(SoulPower Instrumental) 4:12

Ring My Bell
7” Album Edit 3:44
D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Radio Mix 3:50
Mr. Lee's 12" Mix (or Club Mix) 5:27
Mr. Lee's Radio Mix 4:06
Hula & K. Fingers Club Mix 5:56
Hula & K. Fingers Radio Mix 3:36, 3:41, 3:46, or 4:06
D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Street Mix 5:00 and 5:07
Instravibe (Long) 5:56
Instravibe (Edit) 3:59
D.J. Jazzy Jeff’s Street Instrumental 5:00

The Things That U Do
Radio Remix 4:08
Club Mix 4:43
Totally Bumpin' Vocal 4:47
House Mix 4:45
Underground Mix 5:15
Vic’s Drum Interlude 3:25

You Saw My Blinker
Lynn Tolliver's Radio Edit 3:55

Boom! Shake The Room
LP Mix 3:51
Club Radio Mix 3:55
Street Remix (Code Red) 4:30
Block Party Mix 3:59
Mr. Lee's Club Mix 5:02
Mr. Lee's Extended Club Mix 5:55
Hula's Extended Remix (1995) 6:09
Hula's Dub (1995) 5:31
Hula's Radio Remix (1995) 3:35
Rennie Pilgrem Remix (Bonus Import Track) (2000)
Instrumental 4:12
Street Remix Bonus Beats 4:17

I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)
Single Edit 3:40
Video Version 3:40
12" Mix 5:24
Percapella 4:35
Instrumental 4:35

I Wanna Rock
Radio Edit 4:18
Mr. Lee’s Radio Edit 4:13
Jazzy Jeff’s Vibe Mix 4:53
Jazzy Jeff’s Radio Edit 3:37
Jazzy Jeff’s Vibestramental 3:23

Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star)
LP Radio Edit 4:08
UK Flavour 4:32
UK Flavour Radio Mix 4:09
Jeep Mix 5:16
Jeep Edit 4:03
Alternative Flavour 4:40

Can't Wait To Be With You
Brixton Flavour 6:15
Brixton Flavour Radio Mix 3:49
UK Flavour 5:45
Red Eye Mix 5:31
Funk Mob 7:28

Men In Black
MIB Master Mix 3:40
MIB Alternate Mix 3:40
DJ Scratch Remix 3:45
New Video Mix 3:41
A Cappella (Track Masters) 3:29
Instrumental (Track Masters) 3:48
MIB Instrumental 3:40

Just Cruisin'
Radio Edit 4:00
Track Masters Remix 4:11
A Cappella 3:34
Instrumental 3:48 or 4:01
(Track Masters) Remix Instrumental 4:11

Getting' Jiggy Wit It
DJ Scratch Remix 3:20
Jay Scratch Mix 3:41
So So Def Remix 3:36
A Cappella (vinyl) 3:01
Instrumental 3:47
DJ Scratch Remix Instrumental 3:19

Just The Two of Us
Radio Edit 4:19
Spanish Version featuring Dark Latin Groove 4:10
Korean Version featuring Turbo 5:12
Rodney Jerkins Remix featuring Brian McKnight 4:14
Love To Infinity's Classic Club Mix 7:16
Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix 4:01
Love To Infinity's Extended R&B Mix 4:45
Love To Infinity's Radio R&B Mix 4:06
Love To Infinity's Giant Club Mix 6:46
Instrumental 5:15
CallOut Hook #1 (:05) CallOut Hook #2 (:10)

Lovely Daze
T.L.A.C. Remix 4:23 or 4:32
Candyhill Mix 4:07 or 4:13
Candyhill Extended Mix 5:27

Extended Version 4:57

Radio Edit 3:19
Miami Mix featuring Miami Sound Machine 4:40
Jason Nevins "Live On South Beach Dub" 5:10
Jason Nevins Live At "54" Mix 5:59
Studio 54 Jason Nevins Remix 4:40
Instrumental 3:19
CallOut Hook #1 (:10) CallOut Hook #2 (:05)

Wild Wild West (featuring Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee)
Radio Version 3:29
A Cappella 4:05
Instrumental 4:08

Will 2K (featuring K-Ci)
Single Version
("And we're gonna party like it's 1999" line NOT
teased) 3:56
A Cappella 3:56
Instrumental 3:56

So Fresh w/ Biz Markie & Slick Rick
Single Version 4:16
A Cappella 4:20 (vinyl)
Instrumental 4:27 (vinyl)

Freakin' It
House Mix 5:32
A Cappella 3:39
Instrumental 4:01
House Mix Instrumental 5:32

Pump Me Up
Single Version
(32 seconds longer than Album Version) 4:36

For Da Love of Da Game
Radio Edit
DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix featuring Raheem, V, + Erro
TV Version

Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)
Radio Edit 3:50
MIB Remix 3:45
Instrumental 4:21

Break It Down
Original Version

Rock Wit U
Yoruba Soul Mix
TV Mix
Yoruba Soul Mix Dub

Clean Version

1,000 Kisses
Radio Edit

Remixes + Alternate Versions of Songs featuring
DJ Jazzy Jeff or Fresh Prince

I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else's Bed)
(Fresh Prince w/ Billy Ocean & Mimi)
Extended Version 6:54

When The Radio Is On
(Fresh Prince + Paul Shaffer w/ Various Artists)
Big City Beat Mix 6:12
Def & Dum Dub 5:09
Acappella 3:53
GoGo-A-GoGo Instrumental 4:16

Soul Talk (D.J. Jazzy Jeff + One Voice)
Hip-Hop Mix
Hip-House Mix
Rock Mix
Hip-Hop Instrumental
Bonus Beats

Deep Deep Trouble (D.J. Jazzy Jeff + Bart Simpson)
Full Dance Mix 5:50
Dance Mix Edit 4:13

Voices That Care
Instrumental 3:36

Where’s The Party? (2 Too Many w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Jazzy’s Smut Radio Mix 4:42
Jazzy’s Smut Instrumental 6:20

The Mighty Quinn (Mighty Quinn featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Instrumental Dub Mix 4:30
Bonus Beats 1:25

Dedicated (Funkdoobiest w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Jazzy Jeff Instrumental 4:14

Goodtimes (Chic w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff)
(A Touch of Jazz Original Mix with Cuts) 6:02

Boy You Knock Me Out (Tatyana Ali w/ Will Smith)
Big Willie Style (Extended Single) 4:21
Big Willie Style (Single Edit) 4:00
Stone's Extended Version 9:00
Maurice's Xclusive Club Mix 9:00
Maurice's Radio Mix 4:00
Instrumental 4:20
Maurice's Xclusive Instrumental 9:00

I Don’t Know (Slum Village featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Radio Edit 2:41

Hey Sexy Lady (Shaggy featuring Will Smith + Sean Paul)
Remix - Unreleased Version


Of course 4 those things that wern't released (some mentioned in posts above), they aren't included on this list. Edited by JumpinJack AJ
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I think Jazzy Jeff produced also a beat 4 a monie love song called "boys from the hood"... does anyone knows more about dat? Da rest is perfect, AJ... much respect 4 such a huge collection! :dancingcool:

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Damn,that's what I call a true JJFP fan! Enough props for having that large collection. Peace!
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[quote=freshstecki,Mar 29 2004, 09:12 PM]I think Jazzy Jeff produced also a beat 4 a monie love song called "boys from the hood"... does anyone knows more about dat?[/quote]
Ahh...u are talking about "Work It Out" from the Boyz 'N The Hood soundtrack, which i do have. I just 4got 2 update my collection on the night i got it.
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  • Admin
[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Mar 29 2004, 10:52 PM][quote=freshstecki,Mar 29 2004, 09:12 PM] I think Jazzy Jeff produced also a beat 4 a monie love song called "boys from the hood"... does anyone knows more about dat?[/quote]
Ahh...u are talking about "Work It Out" from the Boyz 'N The Hood soundtrack, which i do have. I just 4got 2 update my collection on the night i got it. [/quote]
and thats a really good track :rock: :rock: sounds very homebasey :bowdown:
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