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Original 1986 LP and/or CD of Rock The House...


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...I've kind of gotten more serious as a record collector over the past few months and my goal is to eventually have a complete JJFP collection (CDs, Vinyls, Singles..) I know that there is a rare 1986 release of Rock The House that I've seen before but...Does anyone know where I can find it now?

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Your best bet is Ebay. Amazon and Half don't have a separate listing, so you never know which version of Rock The House it is. The 1988 version is rather easy to find, but the 1987 versions are considerably hard. The one with the mostly white cover is the 2nd easiest one to find. The one with the red background cover is the hardest, especially if you want the CD version. I forget who it was, but someone on this board gave me the heads up about the red background version being on Ebay in CD form (I already had the vinyl for years). Since I have virtually everything, I've stopped looking, but I'll keep an eye open for it. Unfortunately everyone has gravitated to the main used-music selling websites, so there's less and less gems found on those lesser known music sites.

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Every once in awhile I remind myself that I still want the white cover version, but then I forget. It never dawned on me that it might be slightly different like the red covered and 1988 version are. You're right though, the vinyl versions aren't too difficult to come by.

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The only difference is the Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble is the UK Mix and Rock The House is Live N.Y Union Square version


Another rare ive managed to get recently:

IMG20141104115711.th.jpg IMG20141104115720.th.jpg IMG20141104115758ibG7S.th.jpg

and this "master" copy of Rock The House which i cant confirm is 100% genuine or not, the blackout writing says "Property of Winston Thomas"

IMG20141104120312.th.jpg IMG20141104120304.th.jpg

would love to see what everyone has managed to collect over the years!

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