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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Jeff asked that I get in touch with you all and, first and foremost, thank you for all the love and support you have been showing him this summer. It's been a really busy summer for him with touring, the Summertime mixtape, Dayne Jordan's singles and then putting the finishing touches on Dayne's album.

Jeff is heading over to Europe for a very quick European run before he heads to Baku for the Red Bull Threestyle Finals.

If you happen to be in the area of any of these shows, please let me know! Also, this will be the first tour that Dayne will be MC'ing for him. Here are the dates:

Aug 28 The Watering Hole Perranporth, UK

Aug 29 Museo Maritimo Bilbao, Spain

Aug 30 Gipsy Bar Moscow, Russia

Aug 31 Encore Festival Amsterdam, NL

In October, he is back over for his three week Euro run. As you know he'll be at Plan B on Oct 24 but we also have UK shows in Leeds, Canterbury, Chester, Norwich and Portsmouth. We have a bunch of shows in Germany, Dubai, Slovenia, Novogorod, Belfast and Qatar.

We have confirmed he'll be in Asia, Australia and New Zealand in December.

Lots of exciting stuff!

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The other day I was just wondering when Jeff is going to come to NJ - so I checked the site and I see this Saturday in Long Branch. That's literally 15 min from where I live and I already have plans to be in Atlantic City :( This will be two straight times that I miss him. I hope he comes real soon! It's been well over a year now since I last saw him! Ahh - I'm fiending!

Thanks for getting in touch with us Nicole!

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hey Nicole, i've been enjoying the summertime mixtapes and also been listening to those mixtapes that tim put on this board, looking forward to dayne jordan's album as well, btw i wanna speak on behalf of all of us when i say is jeff getting will in the studio anytime soon to record another JJFP album??!!

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thanks for replying back to me nicole, i have more hope that there might be a jjfp track at least on the bad boys 3 soundtrack since there's gonna be a bad boys 3 now

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