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Check Out A Song I Recorded W/ Nas Instrumental


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Thanks to FUQ who sent me an acoustic mixer to mess around with, I was able to put together a solid recording, peep it out y'all, enjoy!


getting situations analyzed
through dimensions of my mind
while i'm mentioned being kind
lookin' for friendships is a design
since we can't be alone in mankind
all the images that you'll find
as rain falls from the sky
you might be wondering why
i choose to be so dominant on the mic
but that's 'cause the powerful thoughts bring more rhymes
havin' more circuits than a wire
so i ain't gonna retire
since god's with me i won't have a day to expire
movin' tall beyond a negative desire
the choices you make will build your fire
and y'all know i ain't built as a liar
that'd be like a car running on flat tires
my mind's strength is continual
not to look critical
while you sound hypocritical
you'll be banned like that sterling dude
since nonsense of bigotry is uncalled for
we could put our differences to the side during the love and war
the foundation is built tall
true players are built to ball
like magic & kareem abdul-jabar
the championship vision
from scottie pippen & michael jordan
won't be broken
since there ain't jokin'
even though i'm a bad boy like will smith and martin lawrence
i'm tired of all the stuntin'
puttin' an end to the foolish discussions
everything is everything like lauryn hill mentioned
ready or not word to her, pras, and wyclef
rockin' the spot on my lyrical quests
rest in peace dj ezrock, "it takes two" through "joy and pain" to win
you damn right this nj rebel is a hip hop purist
doin' it for the love non stop is what i cherish
i'll be the chief of the game like robert parish
since my game is amazin' like the new york mets

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Thanks for the feedback man!

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i'm glad you enjoy it!

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I enjoyed this more than the stuff you previously shared. There's some great lyrics and I think having music under you has you introducing more rhythm to how you flow.

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yeah having a chance to put some music behind me now with this mixer i think will enhance my flow, i'll try to work with some different sounds too, plenty more to come

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