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Here are the set times for scala guys...

DOORS 10pm

10pm-11pm: Spin Doctor
11pm-12.30am: Mr Thing
12.30-2am: DJ Babu & Rakaa Iriscience
2am-4am: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skillz

Room 2: Reach Up - Andy Smith & friends

Curfew 4am

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So we had an awesome time at the weekend. We didnt quite know what the boiler room thing was, all we knew was that you needed to be on a guestlist to get in and Nicole had kindly got us 3 on it. I looked up the boiler room before we left and saw that it was some kind of web streaming. So i met Kev and Brakes at the station and Kev got his google maps out to try and find the place. Just as we got into the road it was on, we saw a white van and spotted some of the guys in the front seats and they waved at us. Next thing we know, the side door of the van swings open and Jeff, skillz and the rest of them are in the back.

So we chatted to them for about 5 minutes about the tour etc. So then we got taken through some doors to what looked like some kind of abandoned warehouse. We got taken up the stairs and there was a huge room with antiques in there. Chairs, a carosel horse and some gymnastic equipment which the guys nearly tried out until someone told them they had to pay for it if they broke it. They took a few photos and chatted until we got taken into a small room about the size of someones living room. There must of only been about 20 of us tops including Jeffs crew, and as you could see we sat right behind the main man.

Jeff was awesome as usual, like Tim said happy was amazing. We got to see everything up close, i could even see everything he was doing on his computer. Jeff played for an hour and then wrapped it up, we got out of the room before we got high from all the fumes........ we spoke to Jeff quickly again and then headed off.

We had time to kill before the show so we had dinner than watched 4 episodes of fpoba in my hotel room haha! It was weird when Jeff appeared on the show after having seen him just hours earlier. So we got to scala just after 10pm when it opened and met up with Kevs friend Tim. Jeff thought he was on at 1am but we saw on here he wasnt due on until 2am. 2 guys from dilated peoples were on, they were ok but i thought they kinda lost the energy of the crowd towards the end, but then im just used to seeing Jeff who is the best ha. So by 1am, im dying and hoping Jeff comes on, but nope he came on at 2am. We stayed further back this time up behind a barrier, we just couldnt handle being down with the youngsters, plus we have seen him up close plenty of times so its nice to see him from a different view.

Again Jeff was awesome, the crowd were so into it, he knows exactly what to play to get everyone going. It was similar to the last scala show but he added a few new ones into the mix. He did the usual were he has hip hop, RnB, motown, and then he throws odd stuff in like Toto and Phil Collins, but it works and the crowd went mental. Unfortunately Brakes had to leave at 3am to drive back to his to look after his son. Jeff finished at 4am, we just said bye and headed off home.

Thanks so much to Nicole for getting us on 2 guestlist this time, not many people have had the experience of being sat directly behind the best DJ in the world, i really appreciate that you did this for us.

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Hey Julie,

So glad you enjoyed Boiler Room. Getting the chance to see him DJ up close is a really cool thing (or at least I think so) so I thought you all would enjoy it.

What you don't know is that the day before they said you three couldn't attend because the space was too small. I told them to consider you three part of the crew and you were coming. Period. :)

Glad you all enjoyed yourself.

Thanks for all the love and support.

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hey UK folks I just looked at the boiler room set again on youtube its up to 120,000 views and a lot of the comments are having a go at you guys saying you should have been more hype! you will have to go in there and defend yourselves :pound::prof:

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Left a few comments to let them know the vibe of the place and re-directed any "proper" fans here. But i don't get bothered by internet trolls normally.

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