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Vinyl Destination: Season 2, Episode 3 - "FAREWELL FLUID"


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Great episode. best of the season! :clap::clap: A little jazzyjefffreshprince.com history.. Stacey who ran tasty treats at fluid and did all those philly parties is the person who showed Jeff this web site! So we owe everything to her :prof: It was also good to see Irize briefly :ernaehrung004:

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:clap::clap::clap: incredibly dope episode! Jeff, Steve and Ferno are so damn funny. Ferno's theory had me dying.

Fluid is also a special little place for me too. Sept. 2009 is when I first met Jeff right outside after the show. Thank you too Mix Professor if he's reading this. I remember I was so nervous and asked Jeff a few questions like rapid-fire LOL.I was just so hyped. I really really tried to get out there one more time for the last show but I just couldn't make it work.

I may not be a sound expert but I can cosign that Fluid had a dope sound system. When I first walked into Fluid, before the crowd got there, the DJ...I really forget who, I wanna say DJ Mike Nyce dropped Jeff's "My Soul Aint For Sale" - my fav. track of TROTM and it sounded AMAZING. Such a great night - I'll never forget that. I think of that night everytime I look at my signed Code Red album cover. lol.

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