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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Jeff's Birthday


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Great job Julie.. That was fantastic!! Some heartfelt words there!! This coming along really nice and should be a great little project.

Looking forward to the rest of them.. I just had a thought. When AJ and Jim post theirs, it will be the first time I have ever seen them speak... Mad right

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I didn't even get to think about the video today....hopefully tomorrow. I'm not 100% sure I'm even capable of getting a video up, but I'm gonna try. I definitely want to be a part of this. I think everyone's videos look great and I think it'll really surprise Jeff. Hopefully he's share it with FP.

Kev, my video won't have music to it, so I'll get with you about the music that plays under it. It would make sense if it's something that fits what I talk about, but I'm not sure I'll actually go that route...lol. We'll see.

Tim, how did you know I was probably going to talk about Homebase? LOL

Brakes, I was debating trying to shoot my video on my sofa or in my music room. I was thinking the music room, because the background would show that I'm a big music fan and might be interesting to Jazzy. I thought about even placing JJ+FP easter eggs all throughout the background....but after seeing how great yours looked on the sofa, I'm starting to have second thoughts.

One last idea. How are we capping the video off at the very end? If we don't have anything that kinda ties it all together, would it look good if everyone did an alternate take simply saying "Happy birthday, Jeff" where they could quickly be played back to back, giving it a feeling of unity? Another idea would be to split up the screen so we are all on it at the end saying it in unison. If we do that, we need someone to share a video here so we can all say it a similar way so that that it sounds like we are are all saying it together. I imagine that might be an editing nightmare though.

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Julie - great video! I really enjoyed that. You completely summarized how JJFP makes me feel and the story about Shadow Dreams was fantastic.

Yah Kev, I'm sorry, I just haven't gotten around to it but this week, tomorrow hopefully it will be done. Between work, parties and hockey, I haven't had much time. It's been on my mind. The 16th is a great deadline. Thanks for being flexible.

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I love the video, Jim. You are conversational and transparent in the whole thing. There's no reason to not be pleased with it.

I just realized I need to do mind tomorrow. Once I get off work, I'm gonna see if I can make it happen.

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