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James Avery died


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Alfonso Ribeiro Remembers James Avery ... And All That Jazz
The faux biological son of Uncle Phil on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" has fond memories of their time together ... the most enduring of which involved down south music.
Alfonso Ribeiro was leaving Mr. Chow when we asked him about the death of James Avery, and he was locked and loaded when we asked about what he remembers most.
As you know ... James died New Year's Eve of complications from heart surgery. Judging from Alfonso, there's no doubt he'll be missed ... and remembered.
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From Karyn's Facebook:
Thank you to everyone who offered their prayers, condolences, and love over the last couple of very difficult days.
James called me “Daughter.” Possibly more than he called me “Karyn.” It was something that I took to heart. He truly was a father to me. And he was my good friend. I was blessed to have had the privilege to know him and to spend so much of my life being loved by him.
In the last couple of days, I’ve seen just how much James meant to those who never even met him. The role he embodied, of Uncle Phil, touched so many, and brought so much joy. It’s a legacy he would be proud of.
Thanks again for all of your love.
Please keep his family in your prayers.
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Anyone surprised we still haven't got a quote from Will about James? He hasn't even posted anything on his Facebook...

Yeah i kinda am, and i didnt realize so much until i saw an article quoting a lot of celebs and it said there has been no statement yet from Will. He tends to be a bit behind on his facebook, when he posts pics, they are usually from days ago but i thought he would of said something by now. Unless hes thinking of the right thing to say, or even planning something bigger as a tribute. Either way, he should at least say something.

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To be honest, I'm not surprised that he hasn't said anything yet. Here's my reasons; like it was mentioned above, he hasn't completely embraced social media. That would be the fastest way for him to get something out there. Secondly, he's is/was in Dubai. He's not in familiar surroundings and probably wants to say something when he's in his element at home, when reality has set in. Additionally, all of the focus is on him since the show mostly focused on his character and because he is the most successful of the cast members. Lastly, FP's never had to deal with a headlining death before. No one knows how he grieves. He may be really shaken and doesn't want to share it his thoughts, words, and feelings just yet. Let's be honest, James is a huge part of his success and abilities. FP came on that TV show not knowing anything about professional acting. James' insight and assistance made "Willywood." In the early days, James could have been like "I'm way too good for this role, this show, and to be playing second fiddle to this rapper"...but he wasn't. I imagine a lot of things are buzzing in his head right now and he wants to make sure that what he says/shares, will be the best statement he can put together.

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From Alfonso's Facebook:
Here's another photo of James from our wedding. It is still hard to believe he is no longer with us. It feels like yesterday when I would drop by his dressing room and learn about some of the great Jazz music he would listen to. Such a warm, inspiring, wonderful man.
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I thought I posted this earlier today...but I guess I never actually clicked "Post." LOL The occasion that brought them together is sad, but it's good to see them together. It's a shame FP couldn't make it. It would have also been nice to see Janet make it and all the bad blood be washed away. If anything will do it, it's this loss.

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Janet Hubert: ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reunion should happen in honor of James Avery

“The last time I was here I said, ‘let’s do a reunion.’ That never happened,” she said. “I can’t control that. I’m sorry that never happened, and now it never will, and that makes me sad.”

“It’s hard because you realize that we wasted a lot of time with a lot of bulls**t. Will [smith] is the only person that can make that happen, and I think he should. I think in memory of James it should happen.”
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