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Coz has the publishing for Jam On It..so he got paid but not much.. if the song gets released as a single and gets played on radio, performed on TV and has a music video getting plays he gets a lot more money! Jam On It has been paying Coz's bills for a long time..when Game sampled it it paid his bills for two years! Hope this one comes through for him!

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Yeh, to be honest i can't stand Pitbull. Not many artists I Bitch about. But i just don't see the talent there at all. He dances like an Uncle at a wedding and i don't see the charisma and talent that people seem to. His songs seem to try to be big hitters, but they never seem catchy to me.

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Congrats, Coz.

I'd like to see this be a hit. I don't think Pitbull is any good, but this is the best I've ever heard him. Rick Ross always sounds like his raps are recorded on the first day started rapping, and that's the same here. Even Fat Joe's appearance is tired. In the end I like that they are at least giving a nod to true Hip-Hop with the same. It blew my mind when I heard a DJ at the end.

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