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Anybody else laughing at this Beamz - Grandmaster Jay Fiasco?


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So there's this company called Beamz who have produced a DJ controller that lets you use your hand to start and stop tracks / samples.

However they've gone all out with a promotional video with the "legendary" Grandmaster Jay (Who i have never come across in my history or reading in Hip Hop.) Who does a demonstration. He literally fakes DJ-ing a recording of Jeff's routines performed live. So poorly executed in the edit that you can hear the crowd and Skillz over the top of it.

Jeff's not been happy. The DJ world has not been happy. Its snowballed into this hate campaign against the company and this character that they've invented Grandmaster Jay.

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I have been following Jazzy's posts since he first brought up this guy. I watched a few of his interviews too. He's a freakin' joke. He talks like an over arrogant 10 year old living a fantasy life that nobody knows about or cares about. He talked condescendingly about Jam Maser Jay and Jazzy Jeff...WHAT?!?! It was funny because in the same interview, he calls himself a billionaire, and then later says how he's a Hip-Hop legend and that others are getting paid for what he's created. LOL What an idiot?!

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It just makes me laugh how far he will go to try and convince people he was a somebody. In this day and age with the internet you will get called out for s*** like that. Claiming Jam Master Jay stole his name is very disrespectful. Stealing Jeff's audio is just plain stupid

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