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Anyone heard much about this documentary. Looks like an interesting story to tell on The Incredible Bongo Bands version of Apache.

Most of you will recognise the Sugarhill Gang version, some may even know the Shadows '60s recording. But this version is Hip Hop's National Anthem. I hope this comes out on DVD in the UK


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Oh yes. The incredible bongo band. Many consider this the first inspiration for hip hop. My favourite part of this story is the little known fact that is was recorded by session musicians in my home town of Vancouver, BC. I actually worked at the studio it was recorded at for a few mixing sessions before they tore it down a few years ago. Basically points to hip hops origins coming from Canada! Love it! Nardwaur (check out his youtube interviews if you've never heard of him) loves to point this little fact out to every hip hop pioneer that he interviews. Afrika Bambatta told him the label on the Vinyl was fake and that there was no way it wasnt recorded in new york. Haha.

Little VanCity history lesson for yall!

Here is a great article talking about the record in detail:


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