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TLC - CrazySexyCool Movie Trailer

Da Brakes

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I saw this earlier today and it stirred me up something crazy. Most of you know I'll proudly call myself TLC's biggest fan any day. I've been down with them since the end of 1991 when they came out. Those girls helped me feel comfortable in my own skin growing up. I've spent thousands of hours of my life with the music, their videos, their interviews. I hold them as close to my heart as I do JJ+FP.

I was a little worried when I heard they were making a TLC movie, but since TLC was very hands on throughout the whole thing, I was more excited than worried. Based on the trailer, the movie is going to be great. The attention to detail is AMAZING. The costumes they are wearing in this movie are virtually identical to the ones the girls wore in various videos and interviews. Even the sets for the interview were recreated. It's insane to see what they've re-created. I love the fact that they used the FanMail font type throughout the trailer. And the girls playing them are ROCKING IT. I'm not a fan of Lil' Mama, and like most TLC fans, was very critical towards that casting choice. As pictures and news of this movie have leaked, I think all three girls are perfect. The faces the make, their stances, the way they talk...ALL OF IT shows insane study of the girls.

The only VH1 movies I remember seeing were the MC Hammer one (which was average at best), and the Michael Jackson one (which was one of the worst things I've ever seen). This time they got it right. The casting, the look/feel of the movie, and involving the actual artists in on the movie has made all the difference. I'm soooooo excited for this!!!

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Is the Michael Jackson one you're talking about the one with Flex Alexander... If so that was a complete embarrassment... IMO the best biopic ever made was The Jacksons: An American Dream.. Even tho it was straight to TV as a mini series it was amazing! I have it on DVD

I haven't seen the Hammer one tho

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