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JJFP at After Earth Premier - New York

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Alfonso did the Carlton dance again! Some cool pictures from last night..
Will & Jada making their way into the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room
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For those who don't feel like clicking the link above...

Alfonso Ribeiro On His Lengthy Friendship With Will Smith & His Cameo On The Graham Norton Show

First Published: May 30, 2013 5:35 PM EDT Credit: Getty Images

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- i.jpgCaption Alfonso Ribeiro joined his old “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” co-star, Will Smith, on stage last week on Britain’s “The Graham Norton Show,” and it turns out the appearance came about because the pair have remained friends throughout the years.

“[i’ve known] Will… maybe 24-25 years. Something like that. It’s been a long time,” Alfonso told Access Hollywood at the New York City premiere of “After Earth,” about his big screen pal.

“We’ve spent many years working together, hanging together, playing together, you know, having families together,” Alfonso continued. “[Will is] just a wonderful individual and we have such a great time whenever we’re together.”

And last week, flying to London to appear alongside Will, Jaden Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff covering Will’s hit, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on that British chat show (where Alfonso did the Carlton Banks dance), was all in the name of fun.

“He called us up and said, ‘Hey! You want to come to London? Do you want to do this little thing?’” Alfonso recounted of how it came together.

WATCH IT NOW: Alfonso Ribeiro Discusses His Appearance On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ With Will Smith

For fans who haven’t yet viewed “The Graham Norton Show” collaboration, which was posted to

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