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This post goes out to Julie...and the other Left Eye/TLC fans on the board.

Some of you know that in 2001, Left Eye tried to release her long awaited solo album, Supernova. The album was a crazy mix of wit and deep lyrics. The sound of the album was all over the place and it challenged listeners, as there isn't any other album like it. Long story short, after releasing it overseas, LA Reid wasn't going to release it in the US until she re-worked it...probably to make it more Hip-Hop or more like a TLC album.

Long story short, Left Eye (a fellow stubborn Taurus) wasn't going to change it and LA's actions put her in a loop hole to take her solo project else where (even though LaFace/Arista released all her work with TLC). Instead of simply shopping a label who would have jumped at the chance, she took her connections to Deathrow (through 2Pac, which led to Kurupt and Suge) and signed with them. The plan was to create new music with a completely different vibe, while reworking some of her music from Supernova. She took on a grittier persona, N.I.N.A. Since hardly any new music was recorded, the personality in her music wasn't the different. It was just some of the harder edge of her that could catch glimpses of in some of her previous music. The shocker was when she went on 106 & Park with the Deathrow camp and played this weird character. TLC fans were annoyed, but we had to remember, this was all part of the game she wanted to play with the media. This is the same girl who fell off the face of the earth on purpose and made people she was missing...LOL. This certainly wasn't the real her, which can be seen in the amazing, yet irie Last Days of Left Eye documentary. I don't know that anyone would challenge this being a small part of her personality tho'...this is the girl who burned down her lying, cheating boyfriends house. This is the girl that pulled a gun on Clive Davis when CraZySeXyCOol had made over 75 million dollars, yet each of the girls only had $50,000 each.

Anyways, Deathrow finished their work on the N.I.N.A project, but didn't release it since Left Eye's family requested that they didn't. A re-worked version of "Untouchable" with 2Pac was released to radio stations in 2002 but never got much attention. In the end, Left Eye wasn't going to go through with the N.I.N.A. project and was going to focus on new music with TLC before she passed.

Anyways, this long intro is just leading up to a leaked version of the N.I.N.A. project. I, personally, really like it. It just captures a different side of her and changes the landscape for Supernova completely. And The Row Hitters actually give her lyrics a nice backdrop. The guests aren't bad either (though a few of them are lifted from Supernova).

Check the links below for the leaked album.

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Yeah, that's the one I used too. I downloaded it around the time it first leaked but the download wasn't good so I needed to revisit the album properly. I don't download a ton of stuff, but this has always seemed pretty scarce.

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