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Yeah im staying at the Euro hotel and Kev and his mates are at the Euro Lodge, they are on the same road and look pretty similar, dunno if they are managed by the same company. They are both between £40 - £50 for a single room. I booked through laterooms.com. It was a reduced price because of booking so late. Hopefully they will have a few rooms left.

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Yeh, A lot of hype for this show. I'm still contemplating making it up to Sheffield for Wednesday as well. Just depends if i can get any old mates to join me who live up there. Thats the problem with. We're all around 30 now and its a school night lol.

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Nicole you gotta join one of these tours! At least come to Australia! Kev I'll try and book the same hotel as you when I get back to London tomorrow. Seems the easiest option since it's gonna be a late night.

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@Kev ... Busy?!?!?! You can say that again. Remember they leave for a month long Asia/Australia tour and we are already planning Europe for next spring. He's going to be out for almost a month between April and May!

I miss them terribly when they are gone, but I could NEVER travel like they do. When I tag along to US shows, I am beat by day #2. It takes a special person to stay up all night, travel by day, sleep on car rides, eat at all crazy hours and unfortunately that's not me. :( I'm more of the schedule - organize - plan - type people. I like dinner by 6, bed by 10. :)

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Hey everybody! I had a great party last night! It was great to see and hear Jeff & Skillz again.

My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the show.

I wanted to share a bit of that with y'all, so I put the video up on Youtube.

Unfortunately the sound quality of my phone isn't the best when there's soooo much bass, sorry for that. =)

Anyway, here it is:

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