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First of all I apologize to anyone who saw that a new reply was posted to this thread and came here hoping for some news. I don't have any. (I hate it when that happens)

I am however wondering a bit. It's 4.5 months before opening day.and we still haven't seen anything .... and I mean ANYTHING. Official synopsis, a few stills, a teaser, a poster, website ,,, this is getting ricidulous. Since the movie has a rating in place then somebody must have seen it.

I'm worried that the lack of any kind of marketing campaign for this one is a result of the movie simply being bad. They saw it, they hated it and now they don't want to invest too much money into it anymore so they'll just let the movie appear and disappear without making much of a fuss. Anyone else think that?

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I agree.. I find it bizarre that we have not had any sort of teaser trailer, promotional interviews or anything to help build up a buzz for this movie.

Based on the synopsis I'm really looking forward to the movie but marketing really needs to get underway to help make it a success.

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The release date says it all.. You only drop bad movies in that time period.. you got summer for the blockbusters and then nov/dec/ for all the oscar movies.. the fact that the movie was finished so long ago tells me it mustn't have worked

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