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'Higher Baby' Official Music Video


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I believe this only aired once. When I was 12, I remember KNOWING that a JJ+FP video was going to play during an Olympic event and I missed it. My friend saw it and said "they made a new video for a new song." Even though he had Homebase on cassette (I was jealous because his had the Mr. Lee Remix of "Ring My Bell" and mine didn't) I thought he was just mixed up and that they played another video for an album cut. As I think back, I was at his house when MTV first aired the "Ring My Bell" and "Things That U Do" video so I guess I should have known better.

A few years later I found out about "Higher Baby" and was in denial that they would have made a video for a non-single compilation song. I heard there was a video for it over 10 years ago but was still slightly skeptical. I can't believe I've finally seen it. I only wish there was less NBA footage...and more JJ+FP...and that the audio synced up.

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