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Jamie Foxx disses on Will


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In an spanish interview,Jamie Foxx was asked about Will considered being Django at first,Foxx's answered this:"you know What?The movie wouldnt be the same with this Tom Of Will Smith,it would be like WWW,did you see that **** Of WWW?So now,imagine the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Of Django...imagine it and laugh,get angry,puke ir whatever,I mean,you must be thankful about me being Django.You'll watch the movie and You'll love it,your hormones Of little white spanish turn into black because Of the thrill.Period.I know that he(Will) is going to come over here(Cancún),selling a movie,OT the scienciology or his child's career,I dont know...I dont care at all"... Amazing answer because I thought that they were Good Friends...What do you think?

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I've read that interview. I think Jamie was being ironical when he talked about Will. They're good friends so I think Will wouldn't take any offense at all.

I didn't like that Scientology comment, though.

Jamie also criticized DiCaprio in that interview too. Rumors say they don't have a good relationship.

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This is the link if anyone is interested..

Pese a ese conocimiento sobre el subgénero… Bueno, usted no era el actor inicialmente previsto para el film: durante mucho tiempo fue un proyecto y personaje asociado a Will Smith…

¿Sabes que te digo? La película no habría sido igual con ese tío Tom de Will Smith… Habría sido como 'Wild Wild West' (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1999) ¿Viste esa mierda de película de Wild Wild West? Pues ahora imagínate al príncipe de Bel Air de Django…Imagínatelo y muérete de risa, vomita, enfádate o lo que te parezca… O sea… Da gracias a que yo soy Django… Ya verás la película y te va a encantar: ¡tus jodidas hormonas de blanquito español se van a volver negras de la emoción! Lo de Will no sucedió. Punto. Sé que va a venir por aquí, por Cancún, vendiendo una película, o la cienciología, o la carrera de sus hijos… No sé, no me importa en absoluto…

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I'd put the Spanish interview in the "grain of salt" category-- I read an interview some months ago where Jamie spoke gracefully of Will and his passing on the film, bringing up their time together in the Muhammad Ali film.. here, I think I found it:


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