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Christmas Chat/Catch up


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Time: Saturday 8th of December 10PM London time. until 12PM
Where: http://globalfunkradio.com/ just click on the chatroom, dj dogtrane will be playing some awesome old school party hip-hop

whats that in your time zone? its 5PM in New York, 2 PM in L.A. check the world clock for everybody else..

If anyone wants to catchup..just hit up that chatroom tomorrow.. hope to see you there

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Hey jjfp fam its been awhile merry christmas. I haven't been online lately because of the storm sandy hitting seaside And I didn't have a computer to use I'm thankful for familyn friends supporting me thru this time. I got Android ipad wit wifi so hopefully y'all will hear from me more often. I'm over at my uncles house wit my mama right now until we find a new place to live were taking it one day at a time making the most of the holiday but its not the same especially since the beginning of the year when my father was diagnosed with dementia n had to be put in a rehab where the still is right now he's doing ok but I haven't been able to visit lately wit all going on so like most I'm hoping 2013 will be a better year I notice there's not much going on in hip hop these days either. Ll is planning authentic hip hop for feb. Not much else to look forward to there needs to be more rappers out there to inspire people I'm hoeful to be that one from all I experienced this year I have a story to tell jjfp need to do something asap hip hop needs some life.

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