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Will performs at Gabi Union's 40th birthday party!


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Yes he did. Can't wait for the video :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

@djynot Hate to name drop but some guy Will Smith is free styling while Doug E Freah beat boxes. Nbd.

@thegeenius Gabrielle union bday party will smith n dougie fresh doin ladi dadi? I'm blessed


@JuliaBeverly This is ****ing epic!!! Will smith took over the mic he even did the fresh prince theme song
@IrieEvents WILL SMITH just performed SUMMERTIME at @itsgabrielleu birthday!!

@AJCalloway @itsgabrielleu That is going down in history as the hottest performance at a birthday I've seen to date! WoW! Doug E Fresh and Will Smith!

More often Will, more often!

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The Fresh Prince appearance made MTV.com's news....

Oct 29 2012 1:59 PM EDT 572
Will Smith Kicks A Fresh Prince Freestyle At Gabrielle Union's Birthday

Doug E. Fresh takes the stage with Smith to perform his '90s hits 'Summertime' and 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.'

By Rob Markman (@RobMarkman) spacer.gif

You can take the Prince out of hip-hop, but you can't take hip-hop out the Prince. These days Will Smith is more focused on big film deals and guiding the careers of his children, but over the weekend the Fresh Prince gave a throwback performance at actress Gabrielle Union's 40th birthday bash in Miami, and of course it all ended up on a YouTube video captured by Ozone magazine editor-in-chief Julia Beverly.

With 1980s rap pioneer Doug E. Fresh on the beatbox, the Hollywood money magnet kicked a freestyle where he first encouraged the ladies to scream "Owwwww" and the homeboys to shout "Hoooo."

Smith's impromptu lyrics got more intricate when he reminded the frenzied crowd that the sky's the limit when he spit, "My mind's the only boundary from what I wanna be."
Big Willie Style took the energy up another few notches by performing his 1991s classic "Summertime" and then the unforgettable theme song to his 1990 hit television show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

In a second clip, Doug E. Fresh proved that his rap influence is still shining as he jacked the beat for Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie" and showed the crowd how to properly do the dance which he invented in the 1980s when he and Slick Rick were in the Get Fresh Crew.

"Wow. Epic night. Fresh prince and dougie fresh just shut it down," tweeted Miami Heat basketball star and Gabby's beau Dwyane Wade.

"Like..This. Happened," Union chimed in response.

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