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AcE feat. Jaden & Willow Smith: 'Find You Somewhere' Video!


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I actually like everything about it except Jaden's part, it's like there's no variation in his raps even though he's just starting out. It's not bad but it's like we've heard it before. I liked Trey's beats, Willow's vocals and little ballet dancing and even Jada's production of the video. It's always nice to see them working together as a family.

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From Will's Facebook:

t’s a family affair on this Monday morning — y’all check out the video for “Find You Somewhere,” featuring ALL of my kids, and directed by the love of my life.

Just ‘cause Summer is over doesn’t mean the heat has to stop!

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I think Jaden has a lot of talent but i agree with Miss Ashley there is no variation, his rap was a bit too laid back for the beat, he needed to go a bit harder. Ive never been a fan of that cant be bothered sounding rap.

I wonder if they are releasing this, the beats and video are great.

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I love this song. First and foremost, the beat is DOPE! It's a legit club beat...which so much better than the watered down dance pop we're often stuck hearing in top 40. It reminds me of a fresh version of 1996-1998 club music. I like how Jaden is comfortable on the track but as always, I wish he'd liven up his performance. Willow continues to be this wiser-than-her-years-artsy genius. The visuals, the color, and the dancing make it a great video.

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