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Arrested Development is celebrating 20 years in the game with a new album titled Standing At The Crossroads. I know many of you are are at least semi-familiar with their eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul and funk. They truly innovators and one of the most consistent groups in Hip-Hop. This album is filled with forward-thinking and positive vibes, just like all of their others. :sHa_jammin:

BEST OF ALL, THEY HAVE PUT OUT THE ALBUM FOR FREE!! Do yourself a favor and download the album now! Here's the link...

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I'm hyped because they are coming to DC in September and I just got tickets!! AD is one of the few groups in Hip-Hop and I feel is truly flawless. Their lyrics and vocals are on point, as is their production. Their live show is great, and best of all, they are some of the coolest people you'd every wanna meet. I'm rehearsing for a show so I've been stuck listening to the music for that, but the few times that I've listened to this new album, I've loved every song. Next month I'll really get to dig into it.

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