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Last Fresh Prince Episode Watched?

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Well, I looked around and couldn't find a topic like this. All you do is state what was the last Fresh Prince episode you watched.

Last night I watched the two episodes of Fresh Prince on ABCFamily. The episodes were, "Not I Barbeque" and "Not With My Cousin You Don't".

I don't think any of the Fresh Prince episodes will ever get old to me.

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I don't have cable so it's not like when I was at my parents house or a friends house chillin.' I used to watch it by stumbling upon it. I'm so busy now but as life calms down, I'll be breaking out the series on DVD.

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My most recent episode watched is "Cold Feet, Hot Body" from season 5. It was on VH1 the other day and I watched it. The interaction between Uncle Phil and Will this episode was great, especially with Uncle Phil using analogies to try and help Will make the right decision.

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