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Will Smith Eyeing Cain And Abel Film As Directing Vehicle


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EXCLUSIVE: With Biblical epics the rage in Hollywood, here’s another. Will Smith is eyeing a film about battling brothers Cain and Abel as his directorial debut. The project is set at Sony in development and is being produced by Overbrook Entertainment. This has been in the arsenal for some time, and won’t be Smith’s next film, but it is an intriguing development for the actor and producer. The project has gone under the working title of The Redemption Of Cain, but I’ve confirmed that it’s now being developed as directing vehicle for Smith, who’ll likely star in the film as well.

This comes as Darren Aronofsky starts production with Russell Crowe on Noah, and both Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott have Moses projects percolating.


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There are many actors who director and star in the movies. Clint Eastwood is the best example. Mel Gibson did it (Braveheart). Ben Affleck is doing it well currently. Will already produces all his movies and has the screenplays rewritten constantly, he might as well direct. Sigh.. It just seems Will made better movies when he was brought in to be part of a project, not develop and control the project from the start like it has been recently.

Also, this project sound bad. People are sick of vampires.

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Ah... let me think. I know i read somewhere (its a longer time ago) that Will is involved into a movie to play a vampire. This must be that movie.

So. Well. This is one of the worst news i read actually for the new movie from will. Hope this gonna be a duck.. (or fake).

This was that movie. But its possible that this have changed now because this script is a bit older.


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Found this on twitter: https://twitter.com/deansherriff/status/237671553406496769

"Started concepts on redemption of Cain for Sony directed by will smith"

The guy does concept art for movies, he worked on "After Earth". So looks like this movie may happen sooner than later. I don't care for it, and I am very leary of Will as a director. If I was to guess, I'd say Will is gonna film his bit part in "Winter's Tale", then supervisor Willow's Annie remake, and then do this movie.

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'The Redemption of Cain' a Go at Sony With Will Smith's Overbrook Producing (Exclusive)

Sony Pictures Entertainment is moving forward with “The Redemption of Cain,” an epic retelling of the Biblical tale of sibling rivalry. The project has been greenlit and is scheduled to begin filming in July 2013, a person familiar with the deal told TheWrap.

The film, which tells the story of Cain and Abel with a vampiric twist, will shoot in London and Jordan with the exteriors shot in Morocco.

Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment is producing the film. Francine Maisler is coming on to cast the film in the next few weeks.

Reports surfaced earlier this summer saying Smith wanted to direct the film. Two years ago, he was reportedly going to star in and produce the project, which was then called “Legend of Cain,” for Overbrook, based on a script by Caleeb Pinkett.

A number of Biblical films are in the works, including Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah.”


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Jada: Will knows my acting best

Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed she's looking forward to working with her husband Will again.
The actress - who stars in new film Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - looks set to appear alongside Will in The Redemption Of Cain.

"It's a film that Will will be directing and I will star in that with him. So yes we are talking about getting in front of the camera again," she said.

Jada, who met Will in an unsuccessful audition for The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, said starring alongside her husband was "interesting".

"It's putting your most personal intimate space on film! This particular character is very interesting. It's the story of Cain and Abel.

"I play a woman who has been by his side for 5,000 years and another woman comes between us and it's a very interesting dynamic because we do know each other so well and for a very, very long time."

She added: "What I love about us working together is we can see each other's 'isms', we can see my Jada-isms come out and I can see his Will-isms and so we can push each other in ways that other people cannot because they don't know us so well. That's what makes me so excited about working with Will in this capacity, because he's going to be able to see aspects of my self, and make me stretch in ways. Get beyond your comfort zone. He and I can always do that for each other."

:: Madagascar 3 is out on October 19


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They say that Will and Jada will go to Colombia to film a movie, in which Jada would be the star while Will would be only producing it. I don't get to hear the title of the movie though, it's a weird word, but I don't think they're talking about the Cain And Abel project.
They also said that they'd be working with Antorcha Films, which made a famous Colombian movie titled 'Chocó', directed by Jhonny Hendrix.
We'll see.
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