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Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]


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Translation: I'm a rascist, so I must be right.

1. I'm not racist for disliking Obama.

2. It is a fact that many black people voted(and will once again vote) for Obama because he's black.

Translation: I have never been to a country outside of america, so I am completely ignorant and have no understanding about the world. I couldn't even comprehend that a little boy in a "****hole country" would be happier than my own pathetic self.

I've lived in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Portugal. Nice try, come again.

Translation: How dare someone protect young children and the poor by offering them healthcare, even though most of the world is able to do this, see if we spend less money somehow that will solve all our problems.

Ugh. Ignorance must be bliss for you. Do some research. I've studied economics and political science, have you?

Translation: Anyone who disagrees with me must be a scumbag, and I am so outraged by this I need to go on to a fan site and post my tirade anonymously to make me feel better.

I'm not calling Brolin a scum bag for disagreeing with me, I'm calling him a scum bag for being so naive as to think we're in a "really nice time right now." The guy obviously doesn't keep up with the economic/political discourse, other than what the dumbed down mainstream media spews.

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Dude I actually agree with you about celebrities talking about politics but Will has done nothing but positive things in this world, he has helped a lot of people, so I'm not sure why you are angry at him, why don't you choose an easier target like Katy Perry or George Clooney.

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First, why would you voice your negative opinions about somebody on his own forum? Regardless if you are right or wrong, you are going to create arguments for the sake or arguing. I'm sure you have other people in your life, or other forums where you can discuss Will Smith with people who aren't biased. You basically came in looking for an argument.

Second, this is the media. Have you ever heard of saying the right things? I watch a lot of basketball. Whenever a player is interviewed, they, for the most part all say the same things over and over. Things like stating the obvious, or agreeing the trends, etc. The economy is how it is now, Will has made the best of it for his own life, and the life of his family, the way he knows how to best. Would you rather he starts bashing the U.S.? Have you ever seen a professional athlete ever bash the opposing teams saying they suck? No, they say the right things with respect, things like, "they competed hard, we have a lot of respect for the players and the coach, it just came down to making a few key plays."

Third, Will has a lot of respect for Obama. Will understands how the economy works. He keeps himself updated and knowledgeable. He has read titles such as "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". He is fortunate to be in the position he is in, rather than working a dead end job living pay cheque to pay cheque. He realizes that, and that there are so many people in the country struggling, that he doesn't take his life for granted.

Fourth, Josh Brolin was just going along with the conversation. He barely said anything that we don't already know.

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Translation: How dare someone protect young children and the poor by offering them healthcare, even though most of the world is able to do this, see if we spend less money somehow that will solve all our problems.

Actually, most of the world is terribly poor. What you are gunning for, I guess, is most of the western world or industrialized world or whatever the kids say these days.

As for the stuff this dude wrote.. Amazing haha

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"I will absolutely vote for Barack Obama."

Ugh. Has the moron not figured it out yet? Oh wait, he's black...that's why.

I'm sure that one of the many reasons Will Smith supports Barack Obama is because he is black. Given the history of our nation and the skin tone of our previous 43 Presidents, it's entirely understandable that a black man would become excited when another person of color ascends to the highest office in the land. Condoleezza Rice and a number of other staunch African American conservatives, though they did not support him, were quite happy and overwhelmed when Obama won in 2008 as well.

However, I suspect that Will doesn't support Obama only because of his race, otherwise we would have seen him as an active supporter of Al Sharpton and other politicians of African descent in the past. For instance, it is highly unlikely that Will would ever support Allan West or Allan Keys who are black. Why? Because policy and temperament also appear to be a factor for will. Therefore, saying "Oh wait, he's black...that's why" is extremely myopic and a little foolish.

"I stand as a product of America. There's no other country on earth that I could exist in the fashion that I exist in this world."

Translation: America created and continues to support my nauseating and disgusting celebrity, even though my films kinda' profited more in foreign markets, lol, that's why I do press junkets in all these other sh-thole countries, lol, but whatevs! Ammuuuuurica!"

First, it's important to note in this statement that he praises America and the opportunities it affords... not Barack Obama. It wasn't Barack Obama that allowed Will Smith to attain the status that he now has and he seems to understand that, so it's clear that he's not some shill looking to advance some black agenda. He gives full credit to the nation for what it has allowed him to do and become. It's ironic to hear a black man praising this country and being criticized for it... again, given this nation's history in terms of race relations.

Secondly, how many world famous black rappers/actors are there in China? Indonesia? Mexico? Russia? Argentina? Will is technically correct; no other country in the world would have likely given him the opportunity to do and become what he is now. We know his history... it's plain that America has given him a unique opportunity.

...and even if we want to argue that this comment is an overstatement, we've heard countless Presidents and other high ranking officials of this country (most of whom were not black or Democrats) make the exact same statement. So are you really annoyed by the fact that he is trumpeting an idea a number of Republicans have stressed for decades? I hope not.

"I'll pay any tax I need to pay to continue to be who I am"

Ugh. Sickening. More of the good ol' liberal celebrity bit "any taxes are fine as long as I can still be me(a smug celebrity)!". Yeah, implying that raising taxes and/or creating new ones(like through this new healthcare mandate) is good...what a moron. Hell, even if you do pay more out of your rich ass, what would that do to help cut wasteful spending on failed programs and policies? America already spends more on education and healthcare than anyone else, oh, but they need more!!! Nah, it can't be because they run it inefficiently, it's 'cause there's not enough money! Let's just keep feeding the machine!

I'm in full agreement that we need to spend our tax dollars more efficiently and that we should be proactive in solving these issues, but it is also abundantly clear that giving people like Will Smith a tax cut is not the way to eliminate our deficit and pay down our debt. We need to keep taxes at a reasonable rate, eliminate loop holes and get rid of expensive, inefficient programs. Fixing our ills requires a multifaceted approach. It doesn't make sense for you to whine when a celebrity (who you obviously dislike) believes that he should pay more of his ill-gotten money in taxes.

...and you mentioned the health care mandate. I don't want to go too far off topic with this, but since you brought it up...

I'm sure you know that the mandate was a Republican sponsored idea in the mid 90s. Yes, they were for it before they were against it. Our Republican nominee for President fully supports health care mandates as well... so much so that he established one in Massachusetts when he was Governor of the state. The mandate was an extension of the Republican philosophy of personal responsibility... the idea that if you had the ability to buy health insurance, you should, otherwise you pass on the cost of your healthcare to others who are actually responsible and pay for health care insurance.

President Obama did not support the healthcare mandate initially. He preferred a non-profit healthcare system that managed cost and had low overhead. The reason this was unpalatable to so many was because there was no other way to create something like that other than to do so through the US government. But here is the root of the problem... why are companies, who are charged with providing for the healthcare and welfare of their customers looking to profit from those customers. Car insurance... home insurance... it's easy to understand why those are for-profit industries, but why is healthcare insurance still a for-profit industry? It's a huge conflict of interest when a company is beholden to it's shareholders while at the same time paying for the healthcare of millions. It stands to reason that one group will, at times, have to be placed over the other. We see that now when people can't get insurance because of pre-existing conditions or when they lose their insurance coverage due to getting too sick or requiring too much care.

Health insurance accounts for 1/6th of the US economy, but I hear more complaints from people about the law than legitimate explanations as to how it negatively affects them and what the alternatives are. So I'm asking you... How does the health care law negatively affect you? If you're going to complain about it, back it up with something substantive.

Lastly... this is not the kind of forum where we'll allow you to skate by on any and all manner of foolishness you think to type. If you can't support the things that you say, we won't have to ban you... you'll leave because you were so thoroughly embarrassed by one of us that it wasn't worth staying.

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I'm not going to get into the whole "is acting art" debate, because I always found it silly. The point this video makes is that behind the fresh smile, and pretty face lies a smug bastard who is glorifying himself and his desperate celebrity, and using that insecurity to naively decide what's best for the entirety of the country, politically. Any time most celebrities bring up politics it makes me cringe, because they don't have a faintest understanding of what they're talking about, and end up looking like dolts.

@JumpinJack AJ

I'm not really criticizing Will for his particular opinion, but his naive understanding of politics/economy, and his disgustingly self-aggrandizing way of approaching the issues. It's smug, plain and simple. His nice smile doesn't fool me.

This is interesting. You hear someone say that the opportunities that America provides has allowed him to be where he is and you consider that aggrandizing. Rather, it comes off as someone who is profoundly grateful for what they have managed to achieve.

An American celebrity is no different than any other American in that their beliefs and their experiences shape their political views. The only difference is that they have a platform from which to spout those views. In this interview, it seems that they were asked questions by the press or whomever was in attendance. Disagree with what he believes, but be careful to make sure you're not the one who comes off sounding uninformed. You're teetering on the precipice right now.

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It is a fact that many black people voted(and will once again vote) for Obama because he's black.

It's true. Many people voted for Obama because he is black. It's simple to explain. When every US President and Vice President in the 219 year history of the country has been white, it's much easier to get excited and motivated about the political system when a politician reflects your skin color in addition to your ideals.

Incidentally, it's also a fact that many voted for McCain because Obama is black.

But if we're talking about race...

Close to 85% of black people who voted in 1992 and 1996 voted for Bill Clinton. 90% of black people who voted in 2000 voted for Al Gore... 88% of black people who voted in 2004 voted for John Kerry. As I'm sure you know, all of those candidates were white. Prior to Barack Obama's strong showing in Iowa during the Democratic primaries, the vast majority of black people supported Hilary Clinton and didn't think Obama could win. Should I also mention the paltry support that Al Sharpton got from the black community when he ran for President in 2003-2004? Race is a factor, but it is neither the big or deciding factor some have hoped to make the 2008 election out to be.

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