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MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide


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I still haven't seen the movie yet, as is the case with a lot of others I know, because we've had some great weather here over the last few days. That, coupled with Memorial Day weekend makes it tough for people to flock to the movie theater... too many other things to do outside. We're also dealing with a very busy, crowded summer for blockbuster movies: Avengers, TDKR, MIB3, The Expendables, Prometheus, Spider Man, GI Joe: Retaliation, The Bourne Legacy. I can't recall another summer with so many big, blockbuster movies. It really serves to suck some of the excitement (and money) out of the room for any one movie. We'll have to see how it tracks over the next week into next weekend. Word of mouth might also be important here as I'm sure people may be hesitant to check out it out given the disappointment of MIB2.

Aside 1:

I also get the feeling that MIB3 is stuck in the superhero movie war between Avengers fans and TDKR fans. A lot of Avengers fans out there seem to be quite upset that Avengers was overtaken and many have set out to pan MIB3 on a few forums and message boards. Many of them are already a little high stung given the tension that exists with TDKR fans as to which movie will be better.
Just for the record... Batman, all day, everyday.

Aside 2:

My girlfriend and I took a stroll by the beach today and some guy walked past up with an MIB3 t-shirt on. No grown man is going to wear that shirt unless he like the movie.

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Men In Black III, the second sequel in Sony’s billion-dollar sci-fi franchise, took over the foreign theatrical circuit on the weekend, opening at 23,215 venues in 85 territories, grossing $135.3 million -- $3.3 million more than Sunday’s projection -- and firmly shoving aside The Avengers as the No. 1 film overseas.

Actual number for US Memorial Weekend is $69,254,717.

IMAX Corporation and Columbia Pictures today announced that Men in Black 3 grossed $12.7 million at the box office in 474 IMAX theaters worldwide during its 4-day opening weekend beginning May 25. Domestically, the film grossed an estimated $70 million, of which $5.3 million was generated in 278 IMAX theaters. Internationally, the film grossed an estimated $133.2 million overall, of which $7.4 million was generated in 196 IMAX theaters. The film surpassed the previous Memorial Day Weekend global box office record set by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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Numbers mean nothing to me, is this doing well?

Over 200 mil in less then a week is a good number. It made less money in the US and Europe then predicted but everywhere else it's doing really well. We'll see how it does this weekend. It will probably loose the no 1 spot in the US (Snow White is opening).

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It's getting a decent amount of positive press and good word of mouth. 69% on RT and 76% of the regular folks who who saw it, liked it. Yahoo users have given it 4 out of 5 stars, and even that may be off. It has received a few 1 star ratings with some of those "viewers" telling people to go see the Avengers, so the real rating is likely higher.

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I never read reviews before seeing a movie...and half the time I don't read them afterward either. I could care less what anyone thinks and a review isn't going to make me see a movie or NOT see a movie. I usually have my mind made up once I see a trailer or once I know who's cast in it. I think it's important as fans to talk up the movie and promote it just like we always have.

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Many people rely on the reviews of others before they see a movie... It's actually why they still exist in the print media and review sites remain so popular. In many cases, what we may like or not like won't be properly reflected by the opinions of the wider audience, but in this particular instance, it's good to see this movie receive good reviews and have some positive press and word of mouth behind it from the wider audience and not just the fans. While it won't affect the quality of the movie, positive reviews and press will help it at the box office as those who might have been queasy about seeing MIB3 (due to the general perception of MIB2) hear that it's actually a good movie and worth seeing in theaters.

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