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MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide


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MIB3 will do just fine at the box office. It's already huge in Russia and is predicted to open huge in China (it will make more money during the weekend than Hancock did the entire time it was screened in cinemas). European predictions are weak but if you look at the enire prediction list you'll see that the other films are about to drop 70-80% from the last week numers. It's the weather factor nothing else. If it won't make nice money in Europe this weekend it will next one. US box office: until I see some verified numbers for Saturday then I'll say if it indeed undeperformed or not. Until then it's really hard to say. I feel like MIB3 is not that type of film you are so keen to see right away at a midnight screening or at first day of the holiday weekend. Pople already know the characters and the story so they might just go see it later on (Saturday, Sunday, Monday). I see no reason why it would be huge in some countries and really weak in others. We have solid reviews, there is a lot of publicity, I constantly see it trending on twitter/yahoo etc. and there is Will. Don't worry. It will definitely not flop.

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Not only it is Will First movie in a while, but its also his first after 7 pounds which didnt do quite well domestically.

Here is the info on E! online:

3. Men in Black 3: Not many stars have starred in $500 million hits; Will Smith has (only after Independence Day's mid-1990s haul is adjusted for inflation, but still…). Combine that with the MiB series' own talent for money-making, and you've got a movie primed to take down The Avengers—in the short run, that is. MiB3, which opened Friday, is expected to break The Avengers' win streak at the weekend box office, but, no, in the end it's not expected to gross much more than its earlier films grossed a decade ago.

Read more:

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Starting Friday, rival studios were right on target telling me that MIB3 was falling short of what Hollywood expected for North America or overseas. Barry Sonnenfeld’s/Rick Baker’s latest playing in very wide release at 4,248 theaters opened with $18M Friday and then went up 9% with $19.6M Saturday. “It’s a little less than we hoped for,” a Sony exec admitted to me tonight. So that’s just $56M for the 3-day weekend and only $70M for the 4-day holiday. Not anywhere close to the $90M which Hollywood thought this popular franchise could open its threequel, or even the $80M which Sony expected. Even overseas, depending on who’s analyzing, MIB3 started out as a mixed bag. Sony won’t have an official update until Sunday - Deadline

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$70M in only 4 days is more than what 'Seven Pounds' made in its entire domestic run :lol:

Those are big numbers, the problem is that 'MIB 3' was very expensive to make. Let's wait and see, I still think it won't be a flop.

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China Box Office Weekly (5.21~5.27) Report

Firedeep, May 27th 19:30pm (GMT+8) updates:

Men in Black 3 Knocks The Avengers Down, Setting New 3-days Opening Record

Sony and Will Smith's sci-fi comedy tentpole Men In Black 3 blowed into China theatres Thursday midnight. And after a strong 3M+ yuan midnight performance and an average Friday matinee shows, MIB3 started to pick up with evening. Overally, it collected about 40M yuan on Friday (7th biggest OD, Thursday midnight included), followed by an excellent 65M yuan Saturday (#4 biggest Saturday, only after TF3 112M, Titanic 3D 107M and TA 66M). It also holds well on Sunday (estimated at 50M yuan, also #4 biggest). All after all, the Will Smith film grossed about 155M yuan via its 3 days opening, which means it has officially overtaken the 3-days opening week record from the hand of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (145M yuan, $22M), which was also the May opening record in China. The Johnny Depp movie opened last May 20th. Debuting very close to our early prediction, MIB3 once again proved the Super Star power of Will Smith. Noting the movie received an average 8.5 rating on Mtime.com and barely no major competition until Madagascar 3 (June 8th), we can expect some solid legs. That is to say, 500M yuan ($80M) total is right in the range, which should comfortably win it a place on the yearly top 10 chart.

Losing most of its 3D screens to MIB3, Marvel's the Avengers down about 60% from last week to an estimated 50M yuan ($8M). The super big action flick now stands at about 510M yuan ($81M)after 4 weekends' ran. Movie is looking for a 550M yuan ($87M) end.

Weekly (5.21~5.27) Box Office top 5:
1. Men in Black 3 155M yuan ($24.5M) New total: 155M yuan ($24.5M) [10th biggest all time opening]
2. Marvel's The Avengers 50M yuan -60% ($8M) total: 510M yuan ($80.8M)
3. The Three Musketeers 7.5M yuan -70% ($1.18M) total: 32.5M yuan ($5.15M)
4. The Grey 9.6M yuan -40% ($1.5M) total: 25.6M yuan ($4.05M)
5. Titanic 3D 4.0M yuan -60% ($0.63M) total: 975M yuan ($154.5M)

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Weekend Report: 'MIB 3' Beats 'Avengers' With Solid Memorial Debut

by Ray Subers
May 27, 2012

It's not a great start, but MIB 3 got the job done by finally dethroning mega-blockbuster The Avengers over Memorial Day weekend. Chernobyl Diaries also opened, though it barely made a blip on the radar, while Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom had one of the best limited debuts ever. For the three-day weekend the Top 12 earned an estimated $147.5 million, which is off 32 percent from last year when The Hangover Part II and Kung Fu Panda 2 ruled.

MIB 3 opened to an estimated $55 million this weekend, which is Will Smith's third-highest Friday-Sunday debut ever behind I Am Legend ($77.2 million) and Hancock ($62.6 million). That's not really an apples-to-apples statistic, though, given how many of Mr. Smith's bigger movies didn't opened on Friday. For example, Men in Black II opened on a Wednesday and earned $54.9 million through its first three days in theaters. Adjusting for 10 years of ticket price inflation and 3D ticket prices, MIB 3's initial attendance was significantly lower than that of Men in Black II.

That being said, the fact that MIB 3 was about on par with Men in Black II from a revenue perspective is somewhat admirable considering it hit theaters nearly 10 years after that very poorly received second entry (5.8 rating on IMDb) sullied the franchise's reputation. The marketing campaign was fairly effective in conveying that the Men in Black are back with a plot that retains the light-hearted vibe of the original movies while adding a new twist to the mix with time travel. The real credit, though, belongs to star Will Smith—his three-year hiatus may have lost him a few fans, but this opening is solid enough to suggest that his box office drawing power isn't too diminished.

Sony is reporting that the audience was 54 percent male and 56 percent over the age of 25, which indicates that families were probably not a huge contributor. The movie received a solid "B+" CinemaScore, which improved to an "A-" among moviegoers under the age of 18.


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Around-the-World Roundup: 'MIB 3' Grabs $132 Million Overseas

by Ray Subers
May 27, 2012

MIB 3 opened to an estimated $132 million overseas this weekend and easily defeated four-time champion The Avengers.The movie had its best start in China with $19.5 million, which ranks seventh all-time for a Hollywood movie there. In general, the movie was strongest in Asia—it opened to $8.5 million in South Korea and $8 million in Japan, and also had an exception $3.3 million start in Taiwan. Overall, its second-best market was Russia, where its $18.9 million gross is the sixth-highest debut ever.

MIB 3 was also impressive in Latin America, where it had good debuts in Mexico ($5.9 million) and Brazil ($5 million), and it also managed a nice start in Australia ($5.2 million). Across Europe, though, the movie couldn't overcome distractions from nice weather and the Eurovision Song Contest. It had fine openings in Germany ($5.7 million) and France ($5.6 million), but was slightly disappointing in the U.K. ($5 million), Italy ($3.7 million) and Spain ($3 million).

Ultimately, MIB 3 is going to have no problem topping Men in Black II's $251 million foreign total, and it should also at least get close to the first Men in Black's $338.7 million.

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When you factor in ''memorial weekend + Wills first movie in 4 years + inflation 3D tickets IMAX + opening to 4248 Theaters + sci-fi com. blockbuster + huge budget'' then this opening is a big disappointment. It may not be a flop but it isn't a success either.

I'm slightly happy for Will though. He always had a flawed view on making movies. It felt more about the money-cgi than about the quality of the film.
As if he was obsessed with the box-office and opening big. I remember when he said how him and Lassiter analyzed movies that opened big and most of em were special effects heavy movies and how he wants to interpretate that formula but I think he took it too literally. MIB3 was fun but honestly it came a couple years too late. He's entering a dangerous route now doing sequel after sequel I hope that stretch doesn't flush those years through the drain with mediocrity. Many great actors of this generation have participated in THAT movie...Will hasn't. I'm not talking about academy type movies but sci-fi films. Will is supposedly the biggest actor in hollywood and has done A LOT of blockbuster films and for a guy that does a lot of those he still hasn't got his own classic blockbuster film, he hasn't gotten his Dark Knight, POTC, Iron Man, Avengers, LOTR, Matrix, Spiderman, HP, Mission Impossible...he's gotten close to that with MIB but not at that level. His career so far is full of mediocrity...always being in the middle. I just hope there comes a day where Will says enough and puts more focus on making a GREAT film even if it means him not collecting insanely large amounts of money for it. If it means Will starring in an A list academy award film and they can offer him 5m instead of 20+ take it, if it means him taking 10m for starring in a Whedon, Nolan blockbuster and there's little money for salary for him...take it. Not just for Ali but for more projects. Money shouldn't be a priority for his caliber anymore. He can do whatever he wants to do.

I think people are slightly getting ''tired'' of Will. You'd think after a 4 year break from movies people would flock to see Will.
Will really needs a great agent who gets him and picks him the best roles. If he's going to do sequels...only do a sequel to Bad Boys (i don't care if it's hated critically that is my only guilty pleasure that gets a pass because it's bad@ss). And if there's going to be a sequel to Hancock 2 please PLEASE TRY TO GET JOSS WHEDON or make the 2nd one like the 1st half of Hancock. If Hancock's 2nd half was like the 1st half it would've been something special.

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In Germany we talk about Visitors. I saw in an article something about 400.000 Visitors... it was 1,3 million people on mib2... The most Will Smith movies are get over a million visitors the first weekend.

I think here come many different things together. We have had warm weather here for 2 weeks now. Very good other movies in the cinemas (avengers are still running very good)

The very most people definetly like mib3 and find it better than the second one. But maybe this movie was better on a winter release?

Whatever. MiB3 are gone reach #1 of the german cinema charts (dictator got 401.000 visitors on lunch weekend last week, normally this gone down the next week)

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