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Will Smith signed to interscope records


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Actor WILL SMITH is planning to free up some time in his hectic Hollywood schedule - so he can focus on returning to Hip Hop music.

The ALI star's last album, 2002's BORN TO REIGN, marked his final project for COLUMBIA RECORDS, but now he's signed to INTERSCOPE, he's eager to sample chart glory again.

Included on Smith's forthcoming album, due out in January (05), is a planned duet with R+B star MARY J BLIGE.

TIMBALAND is on board to produce the set.

NBS EXTRA - Jada, the collateral actress, 33, would like to avoid ever becoming First Lady - despite her superstar Will's claims he has ambitions to become US president one day.

Jada says, "I don't doubt Will could do it if he put his mind to it. The question is, does he want to? He'll have to divorce me first.

"The thought makes me go cold. The workload, the pressure, the exposure... You can keep that sh!t"

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mainstream pop music... what does da Fresh Prince searchin there? He has enough money.. I would prefer a smaller label with more freedom 4 da artist...
(ok, Jurassic 5 was on interscope, as far as I can remember)
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theres only like 3 record labels left ..all of them have merged..so theres not much choice.. i imagine it would be an overbrook/interscope kinda deal.. i'd like to see a lot more reporting and quotes from will before i believe this article 100% though.. and it says timbaland is producing the album and he "plans" to record with mary j blige.. all wrong information...
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Will would have the best chance among any rapper to make it to the White House, and if he makes it he should have an all hip-hop cabinet with some of the ol' school rappers in it: Chuck D could do foreign policy, Jazzy Jeff could be his vice president, and we'll find positions for LL Cool J, KRS-ONE, Nas, MC Hammer, and Reverand Run. :rock: Oh well he's on the same label as some of the artists a lot of us really hate, but that's basically every mainstream label anyway. :ditto:
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Hmmmm...i don't know how i feel about that. Interscope hasn't really made noise since the early/mid 90's. Since then alot of artists left them and they havn't generated much success think, with the exception of who they distribute. Interscope used 2 distribute Overbrook before. Then they fell thru' which screwed up the release of MC Lyte and Tra-Knox. I hope FP knows what he's doing.

I just hope "Got To Be Real" isn't on the album and that this is a mix-up in info or that they are recording a different track 2gether. Since "Got To Be Real" is an MJB song featuring FP, maybe Mary returned the favor by singing on one of of his album trax (which would be dope!).

Big ?uestion....WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF THIS INFO!??!?!
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well its good news that we should see switch soon then and finally get some movement with this album, im not sure what i think about interscope, but at the end of the day all record companies are bad anyway.

Who is on this label, i dont have any CDs in my collection from interscope, lets just hope they do a better job than sony.
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