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My top fav 5 JJ&FP Songs: 5 honerable mentioned

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(No particular order)

Top 5:

-I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff vibe remix)

-Summer Time

-Just Kickin it

-Numero Uno


Honerable Mentioned:

-This Boy is Smooth

-Brand New Funk

-From da South

-Jazzy's Groove

-The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

Just was bored and thought I would share

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good choices, i think i'll choose a favorite from each album as my top 5 since they did 5 albums:

"Rock The House"
-A Touch Of Jazz
-Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble(Honorable Mention)

"He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper"
-Brand New Funk-(my favorite of all time, JJFP+James Brown sample= hip hop heaven)
-He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper(Honorable Mention)

"And In This Corner..."
-The Reverand
-I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson(Honorable Mention)

-Caught In The Middle(Love and Life)(favorite honorable mention, describes all my relationships)

"Code Red"
-I'm Looking For The One(To Be With Me)
-There's No Place Like Home(honorable mention, my signature quote describes how real it is)

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