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Miami - Wrestlemania


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So 3 weeks today i fly out to Miami for a holiday full of sun, sand, friends and WWE.

Found out the diner where Will's in at the beggining of the Miami video is just a short stroll down the road from our hotel. Funnily enough he makes out he has to fly from there to go to Miami :pound:

Still, seems i must show my face there and nab a photo.

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Miami is awesome.. You are gonna love it Kev. Make sure you go to Puerta Sagua 6th st & collins ..best cuban food ever.. I'm forgoing my Miami trip to come to England for about a month later in the year..so I hope to catch you then

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Good for you man! Have a safe travel!

Ever since I saw The Rock come back as the host of WM last year, my interest was sparked again into the product. Especially when CM Punk gave that shoot promo on RAW - wow! It was the truth. The Rock better win or I'm not watching WWE again - ever. Cena is garbage and I'm partial to the Attitude era stars because it's too dumbed down now. CM Punk needs to win as well even though I like Jericho alot and when those two wrestled on Raw this week, it was real good.

The only thing I hate with this whole Rock - Cena angle is that it hasn't gotten physical whatsoever. The Rock needs to wrestle at least a match before the big show. Have him in a tag team match with CM Punk vs Cena and Jericho or something. I love his promos but I want to see action.

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WWE has upped its game in the last year. Its not the crash TV style of the late 90s early 00s that were soo popular but its gaining a few new and old fans back because of stars like Punk talking the truth and The Rock's return.

This trip is a last time kinda thing. Me and my friends are all in our mid to late 20s and decided that if we don't do a trip like this now then we never will.

Gonna be a throwback to my teen years.

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Right, I fly out tomorrow. I'm pretty damn excited. Like a child again.

Speak to y'all soon. We're hopefully getting tickets for the Heat vs the 76ers as well. Wonder if Will may turn up??

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Well, Not much more i can say other than Miami absolutely rocked.

WWE pulled it out of the bag with one of the greatest Wrestlemania's of all time. The Miami women as Tim said were second to none.
I can understand why Will made a song about the place.


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