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Will Smith Can Save the World

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Will Smith is making his comeback once again, (if you want to call it a comeback, I think we all knew he'd release a new album eventually, being a musician is like the pringles theme, once you pop you can't stop) and we're all excited. I think this MIB will be awesome and i'm psyched for him to drop his new album. Hopefully he doesn't collab with too many people, I would hate to wait so long for new material only to find that he had to dumb it down to mesh with whoever else is on the track.

....I just feel like Will has an opportunity here to do something to help bring the industry back from the trash heap it's been in since he went on hiatus.

I don't know.

I'm so sick of the trash on the radio and television, I want somebody in hollywood to tell the industry to go screw itself. I want Will Smith to keep propagating the good message he's always stuck to.

Maybe if he just voiced his opinion it would remind everybody we can be individuals and not just some collective herd of sheep.

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