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Russell Crowe and Will Smith Save Akiva Goldsman’s Directing Debut, Winter’s Tale


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Saw the poster for this..imagine this will be a huge flop.. I mean when is the last time Colin Farrell has been in a movie thats made any money? and from what I heard about Will's cameo it is supposed to be a serious moment but everyone laughs because of who Will is playing so it doesn't really work for the film.

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Just came back from watching it. To quote Chandler from "Friends" - Guys, before you watch it...don't watch it.

Seriously, I was forcing myself to stay awake. It was a kind of a fairy tale but one that just didn't speak to me. The cheese factor was way too much to bear. My girl liked it though so maybe I'm just being picky.

I will say however that Will's cameo was pretty great. His brief speech about "now" was quite intense. Could've done without the CGI at one point during his speech but all in all it was a good part. So good in fact that I was a bit mad that it got wasted on such a boring film.

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