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Russell Crowe and Will Smith Save Akiva Goldsman’s Directing Debut, Winter’s Tale


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Warner Bros will release the Colin Farrell fantasy film Winter's Tale in the US early next year.
The fantasy stars Colin Farrell, Will Smith, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, and is to open in US cinemas on February 14, 2014.
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If you type "Will Smith Winter's Tale' on Twitter you'll know what's Will's character in the movie. Don't want to spoil anything so that's why I'm not telling. It's really surprising :lol:
I'm glad he's finally in it. 2 cameos in a row. Wow!
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I couldn't help myself so I typed it in...amazing :) I'm not gonna spoil it as well but it sounds like a riot :) Also, judging from the trailers it actually might be the only noteworthy scene in this thing cuz the rest looks a bit too cheesy and overly sentimental for my taste ....

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