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Need Help With Playing Audio On My Computer


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What's up y'all, I was mentioned this in turntable's thread but I wanted to go into more details in this thread, my computer's been having problems playing audio off the internet for the last couple weeks and since I've been thinking so much about how my father's been sick I haven't had much time to focus on what the problem is but whenever I try going on youtube to listen to a song it doesn't play anything, when I try playing a video the video comes in but I can't hear the sound on my speakers, this is really tripping me out...

To top it off, hundreds of songs I got saved to my windows media player's library haven't worked either for some reason, the only audio I've been able to play on my computer lately has been from my CDs I put in the CD-ROM drive, any help would be appreciated...

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thanks defcem, i just checked my soundcard settings and i'm playing songs on my media library and youtube again!

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