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Ignorance Still Very Much A Reality

Da Brakes

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This is doing the rounds at the moment. I begrudge giving this woman any more attention than she already has but this has to be seen to demonstrate the level of ignorance that still exists today.



Apparently she has been arrested a short while ago.


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Ok, so my understanding of the "English" language must be lacking, because I was barley able to get through that accent. But in the beginning did she call out the Ski's too? She'd probably never want to take a trip here because that would probably get smacked around a bit, or laughed at. But in all seriousness she's pretty trashy. But it's probably a good sign that people didn't put up with her ****, I'm sure there was a time when she would have been joined in by other. Notice how she was the outcast. Hopefully her kid doesn't pick up on it and instead thinks for himself.

On a side note, if my ears didn't deceive me, and she did get angry at Polish people too, it's probably because she's too stupid to spell even the most basic Polish name.

Any Idea what she was arrested for?

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