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Wills Birthday


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, wish you could see what i made: its reallly cool! (aw well) so hope you have the greatest birthday of all times, enjoy your self and i cant wait for all the new movies and cd. 36!

by the way Jazzyjulie that was a great poem. :partyfest: :birthday: :birthday: :beer:

wish you the greatest WILL:

your biggest fan (that isnt stocking you!!!)

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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Sep 25 2004, 01:02 PM][color=purple]HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!!![/color]

i wrote a poem bcoz i cant do computer things, but dont laugh coz i havnt written poetry since high school.

Will I wanna thank you on your birthday,
It’s been 5 years and I got some things I wanna say.
It may not seem long, but the times have been great,
When I saw wild wild west it must have been fate,
Coz ever since then, I’ve been completely hooked,
I can’t believe until then, your career I overlooked.
Willenium was the one that made me realise,
My love for hip-hop, that will now never die,
The rain helped me through all those bad times,
And I’m still amazed by your clever rhymes.
We saw you through the Oscars, I know you’ll get it one day,
Your ambition and drive, will never fade away.
Sometimes I just wish I could be more like you,
But when I loose my self-esteem, you’ve always helped me through.
Because I had, a shadow dream too,
And I got that dream, and it’s thanks to you.
You never fail to make me laugh and that’s the way to my heart,
now I cant wait to see switch, at the top of the chart.
Well your my idol, my fresh prince and I wanted you to know,
And the love from your fans will continue to grow.

all say awwww, i was gonna out this as the last line:
Others may think im just being silly,
But you’re my hero, my idol, my big willy.

but decided it would get the british ppl in fits of laughter so i changed it haha![/quote]
Dats Hottt Julie!!! :clap:
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Hey Will. Happy Birthday man. Sorry I'm late. I wanted 2 accomplish a certain lil something on ya b-day. Well, i did it a day late. Is that ok? It shows U how dedicated I am 2 your fans and mine's opinions. This is such a great site. btw, can't wait 2 see "Switch". And I have waited. U know all about that don't U? :kekeke:

Anyway, Enjoy ya-self. [color=red]STAY FRESH CUZ YOUR THE BEST!!!!![/color]
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