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VH1 Lists 100 Greatest Songs Of The '00s


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the reality is that popular music in the last ten years ago has sucked, not too many good songs that came out in that time period were big hits, you gotta search the internet to find everything now, we'd have to rename the list the 100 greatest songs of the 2000s that weren't hits, Will's "Tell Me Why" is easily just as powerful as Eminem's "Lose Yourself" but for some reason it wasn't a hit since Interscope didn't push it the way they should've and that goes with a lot of other songs that got slept on... I used to enjoy listening to the radio in the '90s, I have a lot of great songs I recorded over those years on cassette tapes, I feel sorry for those who are growing up these days that listen to the radio...

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it may be hard to believe in 2011 but i'm sure there's people out there who don't have a computer or if they do they might not use it that much so most of what they listen to is from radio stations(i.e. Hot 97, Top 40 Pop)

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