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Big Ted VS Turntable Battle


Battle winner  

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  1. 1. Who won the battle?

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i'm not voting

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Whhaaaaaat???? Whaaaaaatttssss???? Its lunchtime in Vic Westwood! he said he be like tyco! the other one called him fake! this is on fire yall! The second round just started, Its Turntable AKA Fabolous vs BigTed AKA Jadakiss and we've got more punchlines than the food table on Senior prom! Second round is up y'all and Bigted came again spitting the fire and honoring the legends! lets see if TurnWAYNE can bring it again.

Shall we try that one again in English please! :sFun_DeadHorse:

Dont worry Dabrakes, Visqo had a stroke due to his team sucking so much in our FF league this year. He may recover, but with his players revolting on him....who knows...

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Congrats Turntable, you got me like the Red Sox, lol

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