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Niche Will Smith Songs in Odd Places!


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Hey everyone - So this topic just popped into my head (maybe someone has done one similar before?)....I was watching Squawk on the Street, it's a CNBC Financial News program they do before/during the stock market open.

And during the segment, right before the commercials, I heard the radio voice, and then Will Smith and Jazzy's scratching! I couldn't believe it. I rewound my DVR and rewatched some 3 or 4 times.

So here's my question - Where have you heard songs by Will/Jazzy that really weren't big hits? I'm not talking Summertime, Miami, Switch, etc...I'm talking "So Fresh" type - real diehard songs that never made the radio bigtime.

I feel this topic could be fun, because this type of scenario isn't one that I'd just run and tell a coworker - they really could care less. This is pure JJFP excitement haha.

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Nice topic, I heard the potnas chorus on a medical conference about the Psychology of friendship months ago. In the end I asked the doctor that gave the conference if he was a JJFP fan, and he said that he's been a fan since day one! lol. That took me by surprise, the guy is 56 years old.

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