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Hopsin - Nocturnal Rainbows


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whats happenin yall! i know I haven't been on in a min, but i'm working on getting back on here!!

i recently discovered this new rapper Hopsin, I've been bumpin him like crazy the past couple days, his flow and lyrics and crazy. he speaks the truth, what we're afraid to say. his album "Raw" is filthy!!

this song is my fave off the album :


like to know what yall think about this dude!! :thumbsup:

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He has a pretty cool flow, his sound reminds of Living Legends. Maybe a little Eminem too. There is so many new dope Rappers it's crazy, I cant listen too all of them. I don't like all the Illuminati talk though, it makes somebody that seemed smart seem very stupid, very fast. It'd rather not be confronted with stupidty like that, I'll just get angry again. I dont mean to offend anyone (well, at least not one of ya'll) but I realy cant take bullish like that and people should just stop that ish. It is realy too this day one of the biggest problems/flaws the Hip Hop Community has, next to sexism, racism and homophobia. I'd take Gangsta Rap and Weirdo Rap over conspircay and wannabee-intelligent-bullish anyday.

By the way Trey, have you had a chance to check out Phil Ade yet? I think he brings a lot to the table.

This is one of my favs right now.

I like how the beat suddenly switches to this old school Rick Rubin style.

‎"I worked on schooling Rappers instead of my school work /
I should have gave my life to God, but I gave it to Kool Herc"

He has two dope Free Releases called "The Letterman" and "A Diffrent World" - very dope. You just need to fine the NO DJ Versions ofcourse. Edited by Turntable
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i feel it. i'm just liking underground hip hop a lot more than this commercial garbage everybody seems to be bumping;

"How did rap music go from really good to so dry?/
Real artists get shelved and wack one's get famous/",

a little change is refreshing in the game.

Phil Ade is dope ! i like his kinda old school sound and he's got a nice flow too .

have you heard of Kendrick Lamar ? if you haven't , he's dope too you should check him out :


Edited by Trey
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