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False rumours of Will Smith & Jada Divorce


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Has anyone watched Hawthorne? Reading the comments on these articles everyone is saying Jada & Marc Anthony have this great on screen chemistry... I think Will & Jada constantly saying how great their marriage is and telling people how to have a great relationship etc is a little dangerous if anything actually does happen between the two of them..and the press just lust over any story that could break this "perfect family" image that they have.. :hmmm:

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Has anyone watched Hawthorne? Reading the comments on these articles everyone is saying Jada & Marc Anthony have this great on screen chemistry...

Judge for yourself:


This is the only thing press must have, just ACTING!

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I watch Hawthorne from time to time but I never see any scenes that he is in. That scene above is hot...and awkwardly long...but I'd never humor the idea of something going on between them. I think everyone is buggin' out of over this. I'm not paying attention to it anymore.

I did stumble across this video of them today...normal as ever...

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Call it "Will and Jada, the Morning After": Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were photographed together Wednesday, smiling and laughing over brunch the morning after shutting down a tabloid report that they were separating.
Sans kids, the couple hit Bob Morris' Paradise Cove Beach Cafe for omelets, coffee and paparazzi pictures, said TMZ, which shortly after brunch just happened to catch Will and Jada together a few miles down Pacific Coast Highway, shopping, smiling, holding hands and posing with fans.
"They were laughing and being cutesy — they seemed to be getting along just fine," an onlooker told People.
Will and Jada had branded a report that they'd separated as "completely false." "We are still together, and our marriage is intact," they said Tuesday in a joint statement.
In Touch continued to fan the fire Wednesday, putting more online from its print-edition report. Chief among the allegations, which were all attributed to an "insider": Will worried that Jada and her "HawthoRNe" costar Marc Anthony had grown "uncomfortably close" and surprised the two together in early August when he showed up unannounced to confront his wife about it. The mag also said that Will and Jada have been living in separate homes.
On Tuesday, reps for Marc Anthony and Jada Smith had denied rumors linking their clients.
Meanwhile, the Ministry was wondering just what it would take to get anyone to go up against Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez at the same time.


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If Jada did cheat, then things are gonna get real bad for her careerwise. Will is one of the most likeable guys in the world. Who ever heard of Jada before Will? That series will be canceled in no time!

you're not serious right? lol. I get the point you're trying to make but that's going a little far imo.

It's amazing how many folks are buying into this but when it was Will/Eva, and Will/Charlize rumors people jumped to his defense with the quickness, interesting. I really don't think they need to stage photo ops, there's rumors circulating there's gonna be pics of them.

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Jada Pinkett and Marc Anthony
"HawthoRNe" Crew Says They Didn't Hook Up

Multiple members of the crew that work on "HawthoRNe" tell TMZ ... it was clear to everyone that Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony were not intimate on the set.

The crew members we spoke with say ... they never saw anything inappropriate occur on the set. They add ... it seemed as if Jada and Marc went out of their way to squelch rumors. They would never run their lines together in their trailers but rather would do it out in the open, with an acting coach present.

And 3 crew members noted that Will Smith would sometimes come to the set while Jada was filming and, as one of them put it, "It looked like they were on their honeymoon." No one we spoke with saw any conflict between the two.


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Alfonso Ribeiro
Will and Jada are 'ALL GOOD'

The Banks family still has each other's backs -- because last night in Hollywood, Alfonso Ribeiro went to bat for his TV cousin ... telling TMZ that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are "all good" and definitely NOT getting a divorce.

Carlton would know.


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This is ridiculous! No way is this a publicity stunt... if it was it would be the stupidest publicity stunt in history as neither of them have anything imminently coming up..

In Touch will be eating their words by the time Will and Jada are through with them... The media needs to take responsibility before publicizing stories without any hard evidence or facts..

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Where to start, where to start... To be honest, I don't know whether they are having problems are not. It's quite possible, but I have to say, the problems that they are purported to be having seem very dubious and laughable. There is a tendency in Hollywood for these types of stories to come out, for the celebrities involved to deny them, and then a month of two later, they are proven to be true. No statement by Will and Jada and no amount of public hand-holding will squelch these rumors. The only remedy is for them to stay together and make everyone else look pretty ridiculous for even entertaining the notion that they intended to bread up. For the record, I think we're dealing with some pretty entertaining fabrications, though.

As for whether this is a publicity stunt... I think we should dead that conspiracy immediately. They are not a tabloid type of couple, and if they needed publicity, they wouldn't need to fabricate this story. That type of behavior would run counter to the reputations they, and especially Will, have sought to uphold and it simply wouldn't make sense. Moreover, a story like this could threaten to damage their brands. The notion that any publicity, whether bad or good, is good publicity, is foolish, especially for a couple like this with a pretty sterling reputation and children. The fact that they are now being photographed together after this story has come out shouldn't be a surprise for anyone. Had there been no story/rumors and had they gone out just as they did the other day, TMZ nor any of the other gossip outfits would care to take pictures and report that they seem happy. This story is what is driving the added media attention, so outings like the recent one which would have usually gone unreported are headline news now.

-Nothing like a potential new album, MIIIB updates, and tabloid news to bring me out of hiding.

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