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Fresh Prince DVD already available?


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[url="http://tvdvdmedia.easystorecreator.com/Browse_Item_Details.asp/Item_ID/14/categ_id/3/parent_ids/0,3/Name/The_Fresh_Prince_of_Bel-Air"]Click here [/url] and see this, you gotta see it to belive it, no wait accually i know someone saw this on e-bay, but this is another official site. i wanted to order it, but i dont trust the site, i mean what if its a fake? so if you got guts to risk it, please go ahead and order all six seasons in one box set and if it comes, tell the rest of us so we could buy it as well.
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I've started making my own DVD's of it. And They'll be comfortable on my shelf unless they get around to releasing the official.

That site is definatly fake. It was created with [url="http://www.easystorecreator.com"]Easy Store Creator[/url], which is very, very suspicious. Besides it comes on '13 High quality DVD media' ;)
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This is great, in one way that im not gonna say here :sonny:

Not a official realese yes but still good quality, im thinking of getting the collection will see, the online store seams kinda wierd so i don't know really.
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