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Fantasy Football 2011


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How does it work? Never done a fantasy league before!

If you love NFL you gotta do this! The NFL Fantasy football is the best fantasy football of any sport! Say one of your players catches a 50 yard touchdown, you get 11 points.. and thats just on one play! normally the games are really close within a few points and a game can change very quickly! It's a lot of fun..and the trash talking is immense.. sign up! :cool0018::thumbsup:

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Draft is TONIGHT!

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but I'm not worried...Still winning AGAIN :cool0018:

Hey Vipa you need to revert these settings:

Amit N. (Team GTS) Pass

TD points changed from '4' to '6'

Aug 18 9:26 am

Amit N. (Team GTS) Pass

Yds points changed from '0.04' to '0.1'

put them back to what they were before the season starts!

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well good luck this season guys, i was working a lot of the past couple weeks so i didn't have time to sign up

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