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Alfonso Ribeiro Breaks Up Barbershop Brawl


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Alfonso Ribeiro -- aka Carlton on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" -- laid down the law this week inside an L.A. barbershop ... jumping into action MID-HAIRCUT to break up an expletive-laced brawlfest.

Sources tell TMZ, the fight broke out between two employees at "In the Cuts" in Hollywood -- after a disagreement over which should be turned up louder ... the TV or the radio.

It gets physical pretty quickly -- but Alfonso doesn't miss a beat ... reaching into the frame with his badass gold-watched arm to pull the two guys apart, saying, "Let go, let go."

Eventually, the tempers cooled off -- but we're told Al was so shaken by the ordeal ... he didn't even finish his haircut. The barbershop had no comment. Calls to Alfonso have not been returned.



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Alfonso Ribeiro Worried About GUNSHOTS During Barbershop Fight

Alfonso Ribeiro says he sprung into action to break up a barbershop fight in Hollywood last week ... because he didn't want to get SHOT!!!!

The former "Fresh Prince" star was at Katsuya in Hollywood last night when he explained the whole thing ... insisting the fight was simply, "Two real dumb people having a dumb argument."

Good news -- he didn't get shot.
Bad news -- he's gotta find a new barber.



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People these days are so stupid an immature...and ignorant. You don't fight over something so stupid and let it escalate to that. Props to Alfonso for stepping in during a time that most people turn away and ignore it.

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