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Will Smith Surprises Charlie Mack!


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So Will Smith decides to make an appearance back home, unbeknownst to his long time friend and bodyguard....



Will Smith surprised the crowd at the Charlie Mack Talented Teens Finals Competition Saturday night at the Yesha Fellowship Hall (2308 Snyder) when he came onstage to encourage kids to follow their dreams. The event was part of the annual Charlie Mack Celebrity Party 4 Peace Weekend. Mack, who also was surprised by Smith's appearance, is a longtime friend and bodyguard of the Overbrook-native superstar. "Streets," a film Mack produced featuring local actress Nafessa Williams, now seen on "One Life to Live," premiered yesterday at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre (480 S. Broad). Smith was there, too."

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Ah my bad! I didn't know about the master fam thread. Man I've been out of the loop.

Hey Visqo - I've been doing the whole career thing! Consulting is a bit of a hectic schedule. I spent my first five months in Southern California, then a bit back home, then San Fran...Now New York for the rest of the year. Whew. I wish I could spin turntables for a living because I got the travel down lol.

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