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Willow Smith - 'Rock Star'


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Lol, but Im also sure she aint in Music just for the money. I think that releasing 2 songs without an album is not good. Now she will have to start promoting herself all over again.

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I suppose that nobody here doesn't care for Willow's album.I personally don't like the fact that his kids are start with their careers so early.Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that this is major reason why Will is put his career at rest for so long.First Karate Kid(shooting in China for months,promotions for months...),Jaden's song,Willow's song,music videos,promotions,now album...I think that only reason why Will is doing this stupid movie is because he want to play with Jaden.I just don't get what's the rush,they are so young.As I said maybe I'm wrong but I had to blame somebody... :pound: .

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Willow Smith Finishing Up Debut Album, Jukebox Says

'A lot of her music has a very big influence of everything from rock to pop to hip-hop,' producer tells Mixtape Daily.

By Rob Markman

Behind the Beats: Jukebox
Willow Smith took music fans by surprise in 2010 when she dropped herdebut single, "Whip My Hair." Will Smith's swagged-out offspring blended a pop sound with a distinct urban sensibility, and producer Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson was largely responsible for the platinum hit.

So what's next musically for the 10-year-old singer? Jukebox tells Mixtape Dailythat Willow is in the process of finishing up her Roc Nation debut.
"I did like eight, nine songs on Willow, so right now, we're in the process of just trying to close out the album," he said. "It's just the whole process. You got to think about it: She's a 10-year old girl. She's gotta have a life, she's gotta be a kid."
According to Jukebox, the album will contain a myriad of sounds. "Willow is kind of a combination of what 'Whip My Hair' was. Willow just isn't a pop star, she isn't just an urban artist; she's very international," he explained. "A lot of her music has a very big influence of everything from rock to pop to hip-hop."

On "Rock Star," fans will hear a different side of Willow, and Jukebox — who also did the music for Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown's "Dance Like a White Girl" — hopes it will be her next hit.
"Next single which I'm praying for is a record I did called 'Rock Star.' ... She's been performing it everywhere. It's getting very great reaction," he said. "We also did a record with Diggy Simmons that's incredible. ... She's just a combination of everything pretty much."
For other artists featured in Mixtape Daily, check out Mixtape Daily Headlines.


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She had her fun with it. I'm sure she'll end up doing very well for herself in other areas. She's soo young. The best years are very much in front of her.

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