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NBA News: Carmelo Anthony traded to the NY Knicks.


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to NY:
Anthony, Billups, Rendaldo Balkman and Corey Brewer.

to Denver:
Danillo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, and Wilson Chandler (+ NY's 2014 First as well as two 2nd Rounder NY had acquired from Golden State)

to Minnesota:
Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph.

Now we'll just see if NY can grab Chris Paul or Deron Williams in 2012...There are also Rumors that Denver might trade a few of the players they picked up to New Jersey for Draft Picks...Raymond Felton might also be flipped to another team (I'm hoping for the Blazers)...

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That team will fit well into Di'antoni's system but I don't think they'll be making much noise.
They lack D and a serious lack of a facilitator(s). It works for Miami because they have 2 superstars who have great court vision and can pass
the ball and average good assist numbers on top of that are able to carry the offensive load on a great FG%. They carry them in all possible ways.
Melo and Amare can only score and Melo isn't even doing it on high percentages lately so I really don't see NY doing that well to be honest. We'll see I guess. The more competition the better.

Though on the flipside for NY they got Brewer. That's a great acquisition.
I really like that kids game.

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I dont think the trade will benefit them as much as they think it will, because Melo is no leader for that team. It will be good to see them have Billups, maybe it can be a playoff run team if they effort themselves. But the depth of the team suffered with the departure of Gallo and Chandler, and they still lack a BIG BIG MAN. I believe the team that is gonna win the finals is gonna be the team with the better centers Thats why the Celtics lost last year, it was because they lost their center on game so on game 7 they were defenseless against Gasol and Byrnum. I think the idea of having Melo on NY is more commercial. Brings people to the games, people buy propaganda, the media gets crazy, money to NY. Anything else.

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I remember a couple years ago when the Nuggets made the Western Conference Finals, Chauncey Billips was more of the MVP for them that year than Melo was, not to mention how he was clutch all those years for the Pistons, especially when they won it all in 2004, people don't give him that much credit but he's a key piece in this trade, now I think that the Knicks have a great chance to win a lot of games at the end of the regular season and make a run for the eastern conference finals if they end up with the right matchups, as a Bulls fan I wouldn't want to play them in the playoffs now...

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Well Eddy Curry hasn't played since he's out of shape and the other centers they traded aren't that good either, lack of size has been their problem but that's a problem most teams have these days, that's why there's only a few teams that're championship contenders, I see what you're saying, adding Carmelo and Chauncey probably clinched them going to the playoffs but without the quality big man they probably won't go too far

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Here is the deal, it was groundbreaking and involved a lot of money and two first round picks too.

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