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Halftime gig 'dream come true' for Black Eyed Peas
Updated: Feb 3, 2011 - 19:49PM

DALLAS -Even the Black Eyed Peas are protecting their Super Bowl playbook.

"We're not allowed to give away the set list, but it will be packed with energy — what the Black Eyed Peas bring," said band member Fergie at a news conference Thursday.

The band said they are excited and honored to give the halftime performance during Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers

"We want everybody to have a good time and just dance, party," will.i.am said about the performance that's expected to include R&B star Usher and former Guns `N Roses guitarist Slash.

A person familiar with the plans for Sunday's halftime show told The Associated Press that both musicians were slated to make surprise appearances. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity Wednesday, because the musicians' performances were not going to be announced.

"Hopefully we will bring the heat because it's cold as hell here in Dallas," said Black Eyed Peas band member Taboo.

The band spoke at a news conference in downtown Dallas on the third consecutive day of subfreezing temperatures during a rare cold spell that greeted the first Super Bowl week in North Texas.

Taboo said the opportunity to provide entertainment for the NFL's ultimate game is "a dream come true for us as football lovers."

Fellow band member, Fergie, said it was a "huge honor" to be picked as halftime performer.

"Sunday football is a serious day in our homes," said Fergie, who is a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. "Super Bowl Sunday is the day that I can go all out — cheat — eat the seven-layer dip, all the Italian food and scream at everybody."

The six-time Grammy award-winning Black Eyed Peas have sold more than 28 million albums worldwide and are known for songs such as "Boom Boom Pow," "I Gotta Feeling" and "Imma Be."

"Some people write songs for radio. Some people write songs for clubs. We like to write songs for life," will.i.am said, adding that he is proud that many of their energetic songs are featured at sporting events.

At the news conference, band member apl.de.ap showed off his nod to his band playing at the Super Bowl: He had the band's initials — BEP — and XLV — for the 45th Super Bowl — shaved into the back of his head.

The band also will bring some technology to the show as will.i.am will be tweeting during the performance.

Keith Urban and Maroon 5 will be performing during the pre-game festivities on Sunday. Christina Aguilera is set to sing the national anthem and Lea Michele of "Glee" will sing "America the Beautiful."

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Yea...It wasn't very good show. I wasn't really paying attention, but it was all over the place and just seemed poorly organized. The overall performance wasn't great, either. And the random inclusion of Slash and Usher didn't really add much...They just kind of popped up out of nowhere and were gone just as quick. They should have just let Usher have the entire 20 minutes.

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Yeah, I was happy that a Hip-HopISH group was performing but other than that, there wasn't much 2 be proud of. The costumes were corny. This isn't 1999, the futuristic vibe is dead. The song line up was okay considering their hits of recent years. I was hoping they were gonna do "Joint + Jams." If Usher and Slash were more involved, it would have been cool but their appearances were random. Fergie didn't sound go good singing Guns N Roses. Usher's performance was also boring (which was expected since "OMG" is one of this worst songs ever)...but I guess it tied him him with BEP. The visual effects of the dancers were really cool tho.'

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